View Full Version : S40 multifunction steering wheel

Oct 29th, 2015, 15:58
Hi can you just change a standard to a multifunction steering wheel? Will the radio buttons work? As for the cruise control I'd presume their would be a control module that would require adding and a software update? Anyone tried this?

Regards Phil.

Oct 30th, 2015, 11:08
Cruise control will cost a chunk for a Volvo dealer to add.

In terms of a "multifunction" steering wheel you can likely get the correct two button pads and retrofit into your existing wheel. No idea if the functions will work without a software update though.

Oct 30th, 2015, 18:54
Hi yes that's what I thought, it was more for the radio control's thanks

Missing Lincs
Oct 30th, 2015, 21:10
I added audio control buttons to a 2009 V50. The harness inside the wheel wasn't correct, it didn't have the extra wires needed but the steering wheel electronic module was, it is needed for the horn. Once the wiring harness was changed and buttons were fitted they worked.

Adding the buttons gives an error in VIDA, this is because the exact spec buttons for the car have been discontinued and although the replacements work they generate an error code. Weird but as I said they work.

Nov 2nd, 2015, 18:21
Thanks I might just change the whole wheel and live with the cruise control not working.