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volvo v70 t5 losing water

Posted Nov 11th, 2008 at 22:24 by martin2728

can anyone help?!!
On the way home tonight, i looked down at the dash and noticed temp needle way up in the red,I turned engine off staight away....left it for a few minutes and noticed no water in expansion tank,lucky i had a 2 litre bottle of scottish spring water(nothing but the best for my volvo:)) and as i topped the water up i noticed loads of tiny bubbles in the expansion tank(engine running).This mean head gasket gone??There is no oil in water-water in oil...The interier heater hasn't worked for over a week either even when there is water in the coolant system.The lamda sensor has also come on shortly after this happened.
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    Sound's like your relay has gone,not letting the fan kick in and thermostate and what not work,could be a stuck thermostate other wise the relay,very worse is your head hasket.
    The relay is located above the fan,check if you fan is working first,this relay is very common fault.
    Contact Simon (Rufe on here)for a relay or even advice,discount off all genuine volvo parts and he works for volvo..
    If there is no leaks,it is your relay,thermostat or head gasket.
    Get this done asap or your looking at a deformed head.

    Bubbles are fine,squeeze your pipes to get rid of them,you need to.
    Sign of head gasket going is if your water gets yellow gungy stuff in it and on the cap as well as the dipstick and oil filler camp getting yellow gunge on it.if no gunge on the dipstick,check to see if it is watery as there is 2 ways of you head gasket to leak, in/out.
    Don't drive it any more till you get it sorted or you will do the head gasket in (if it aint already done in)or if it is you will de form the head and you will need a new head.
    Check what I have mentioned for gunge and if your fan is working.
    If no gunge,start with relay and then thermostate,just becasue there is no gunge,don't mean it is not leaking the other way which would cause watery oil on your dipstick..
    Posted Aug 17th, 2009 at 19:26 by RSF RSF is offline
    Updated Aug 17th, 2009 at 19:39 by RSF

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