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Loss of workshop!!

Posted Jul 11th, 2017 at 19:22 by BrianH

Having given a large proportion of my collection of Volvo bits away, I still had 25 boxes to take to the new flat with an underground parking allocation. The boxes were arrange neatly arround the Volvo.

I knew this was not wise as U could see this might be a fire hazard. All boxes were marked and an inventry written up so I could find things. Sure enough a annual fire inspection identifided them and required their removal.

This was done within 24 hours.

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LPG lub

Posted Mar 7th, 2017 at 20:02 by BrianH

I was lucky with the engine, B230E, The Valves were ajusted as the new valve seats had receded on cyliners 1 and 2.

Got top end lub now with a plumbed in half litre oil bottle.

I have been doing a lot of A303, A34, M3, M27 crusing at 3000 rpm. does seem to hum quite nicley. But it does use more than A road crusing.
Instructions on use say 1000 to 1lts. More at speed I find. less at less speed. As it is based on intake suction this is hardly supprising!
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Front wheel bearing failure

Posted Jan 22nd, 2017 at 20:05 by BrianH

Went all wobbly. The Volvo bearings lasted 300k. These less than 100k. Alex Smith will put in Volvo one's now, for another 300k.

He has instructions to put in the spare master cylinder at 622k and 28 years.
And the hand brake does'nt hold on a slope. Most bits replaced too.

BrianH 622k miles
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LPG, ignition and the BIG BANG

Posted Jan 10th, 2017 at 21:04 by BrianH

I converted the 240 GL estate to LPG through the Volvo club 15 years ago at about 150k.
Cost 1254
Well worth it if you do the mileage. 27mpg on petrol and lpg up to 42 mpg due its cheap cost, currently 48.9 per ltr. About 14PPMILE
It always had an intermitant back fire destroying the plastic air filter and tubes.
So I had the distributer rebuilt and got NGK Blue HT leads from America, about two yers ago. It was an amazing difference. Much more reliable. No backfiring....Until...
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Posted Oct 16th, 2016 at 19:10 by BrianH

245 goes into to OOOPS car body repair people in Poole
I have given them a list:

The Phesant strike to the nearside air dam.
Scratch to rear wing and the turnins on the wings.
Rear tailgate bent at one corner due to backing into a concrete wall with the tailgate up!!
Bonnet scratch.
Plastic wheel trims resprayed.
Power buff.
How much? Dont ask. Got 335 discount on Multisave though.

Got to keep up apperances for the Volvo....
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