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Posted Jan 17th, 2019 at 18:53 by BrianH

700 932 miles on the odometer today.
All running well. 616 miles today.

Having spent all that money on the restoring the rear end (5900), I have got quote for full Waxoyl of the chassis. All those box sections and the rear trim across the back, that catches all that salt!

Hope to get to 1m in 2029.

BrianH 245 GL '89 transported 2.3ltr LPG engine
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240 1989 axle

Posted Sep 25th, 2018 at 18:40 by BrianH

Mobile again.

I made the mistake of using a ABS post 1993 axle thinking it would work on a 1989 pre ABS axle.

The speedo didn't work.

Ryan of Speedy Cables said the pulse of the ABS is 48 where as the non ABS, was 12 from the axle.
This required a little electronic box built to convert between the two.

It worked well only thing was the car was off the road because of their lead time of 5 weeks!!!

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Steel wheel covers

Posted Jun 9th, 2018 at 13:25 by BrianH

These are the ones with integral Volvo Logos. Not the stuck on type.

They an be difficult to clean with long exposure to brake dust.

One solution: Dump trim in the sinlk and spray with wheel cleaner, with gloves on. Then use a strip of 600 wet and dry, to get down to colour. Its hard work but well worth it. If in the unlikely event you go through a paint layer, dry and use Matched Volvo spray paint. If as I suspect this now impossible I use Vaxhaul LV 163C 16/16. A...
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Offside/Left righthand side head light. Tight slot problem

Posted Apr 14th, 2018 at 18:24 by BrianH

Changing a H4 headlight bulb I broke the plastic reflecter positioner, the bottom one of course. The reflector shot upwards only supported by the back rubber. I did get some flashes from that before I realised the problem.

Brookhouse sent 6 replacements for 18 in two days. Just finished the installation.

Could'nt get the insterts to locate at all on the reflector. The slot that allows the the rotation is too narrow. Took to the small hacksaw to open up the slot. As...
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Poppet valve on the tempory B230E

Posted Apr 10th, 2018 at 18:10 by BrianH

The head was soft (unknown age) and when it was refurbished, I gave the wrong it wrong 2

Alex to put the B200E head on from the orignal engine (1989). Cost 702. Belts, idle bearings etc. all done to. Gearbox oil changed to Amsoil sythetic synco to improve bulking, about 85% better. Ouch again.

In 12 months this car has doubled its cost per mile. But now I have reached a calm period.

Now running really well. So pleased. The...
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