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HAPPY ANGLER Apr 7th, 2017 12:53

under the footrest
I am thinking of buying a V 60 auto. I am a right leg amputee so can only drive an automatic with an extra accelerator fitted. the modern auto,s have footrests where my extra accelerator would go can any body tell me what is underneath THE PREFORMED CARPET FOOTREST,as it would have to be removable for me to to have the extra pedal fitted.
thanks in advance

St Evelyn Apr 27th, 2017 20:54

My wife is a right leg above knee amputee and is driving a motability XC60.

The dealership had a flip down accelerator fitted and, when we picked the car up, the removed foot rest was in the boot (don't know where it is now though!). It was simply a piece of formed plastic that, if I recall correctly, was held in place by two bolts and the carpet over the top. Looks like when the conversion was completed they peeled the carpet back, unbolted the footrest, then pushed the carpet back down - really didn't look like a big job. I guess the supply of the flip-down accelerator was probably the most expensive part of the job as the OE pedal also had to be removed and replaced so that it could flip up out of the way when the left-foot pedal gets used.

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