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Selby Apr 5th, 2019 21:42

Volvo 360 GLS For Sale
Decided to sell my 360 GLS as I have had the car 6 months and feels itís time for a change.

Itís a 1983 volvo 360 GLS in amazing condition for the year.

MOT July 2019

Mileage is 53k on the speedo and this is backed up by the service history thatís with the car. Itís recently had an oil, oil filter, air filter and spark plug change as well as the carb getting re built. The cambelt has also been changed in the last 3 months with receipts to prove.

The car starts and runs fantastically, even on cold mornings. The gearbox is sweet with no issues and the electrics are all spot on.

Underneath the car is Rock solid with none of the usual corrosion associated with these cars. I have undersealed the car during my ownership but am happy for any inspection. This car is solid!

When I bought the car the exhaust was blowing so rather than replacing with a crappy ecp one I paid for a custom stainless exhaust making at custom pipes in Doncaster at £300. This just adds a nice tone to the car but is not too loud.

With regards to the wheels I added some weller steels with brand new tyres as didnít like the look of the original wheels. I do still have the original wheels with brand new tyres and these are included in the sale.

I have also added 45mm lowering blocks to the rear of the car and custom adjustable classic swede coilovers to the front at a cost of £400. The car is not too low and still very speed bump friendly. The original struts can come with the car if you want to go back to standard.

I only want back what this car owes me which is £2495. That might seem a lot to some people but these cars are on the up and the condition of this volvo is the best Iíve seen and Iíve had a few. All parts are included if you wanted to put back to standard on would be easily sellable on the volvo 300 pages.

Any questions please let me know.

Contact me on 07957090241 if you want pictures as I canít seem to upload on here!

Cars located in selby, North Yorkshire.

thesaint6034 Apr 8th, 2019 00:06

I may be interested but would like some good photos please, you can watsapp them me so it wont cost you-- Tracey 07890954689. I used to own a burgundy(red) 5 door 360GLS many years ago I can even remember the reg. I loved this model car and regretted selling it but had to at the time.
Has this car been used as a drifter? Only asking cos it's been lowered etc. Will txt your number tomorrow incase you haven't seen this first ok. Bye for now Tracey.

TKING12 Apr 20th, 2019 11:25

360 for sale
CALL 07496469062 OR E-MAIL

Selby Apr 24th, 2019 06:39

Sold now

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