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HDAV Jul 11th, 2018 19:46

Xc70 bike rack options
My dad used to be a keen cyclist but age and arthritis have kept him out of the saddle for a few years now, but have been considering getting him an eBike so he can keep up with mum and the dog or perhaps a pair of ebikes for them, the issue is larbrador in boot electric tail gate and weight of eBike too much to lift onto roof so are there any tow bar bike racks that allow tailgate to open with bike in situ?

Thinking the towbar low level ones might be best minimal lifting etc but dwell they hold 2 ebikes? Fit on a detachable or swan neck bar?

CTCNetwork Jul 11th, 2018 20:18


These e-bikes are quite heavy, no? Do you have a weight of the bike used?

Given the weight, limits on the tail-gate lift and limited options to roof carry I suspect that the better option would be a small trailer with a ramp. But that limits what can be carried on the tailgate - no?

Des. . . ;)

XC70Virgin Jul 11th, 2018 21:07

Thule do a tilting unit that allows boot access while mounted on a standard tow bar. There's a cheap version and a much much better more expensive version.

HDAV Jul 11th, 2018 21:12

Found an interesting*article here

Suggestion that 50-60kg capacity enough for 2 allowing for 75kg max load on ball....

Trailer is an option but limits speed makes apmanouvring more difficult needs space to store etc etc

HDAV Jul 11th, 2018 21:17


Originally Posted by XC70Virgin (Post 2424146)
Thule do a tilting unit that allows boot access while mounted on a standard tow bar. There's a cheap version and a much much better more expensive version.

This looks like it might fit the bill

Billggski Jul 11th, 2018 21:46

You can take the battery off, buy a light weight bike and a tilting towball rack.

DEL6286 Jul 11th, 2018 22:15

Just bought one of these for my V70 ( it can have a ramp added and I am very pleased with it - and it tilts. Do not underestimate however the weight of two bikes and a sturdy rack when it comes to tilting it, probably the tilt is a red herring anyway. It is simple and quick enough to load and unload the bikes and then just lift the carrier off - the dog would probably struggle to get past the rack and bikes anyway.

1monkey600 Jul 11th, 2018 23:01

I use the 3 bike version of this, which is exactly the same as the 'genuine volvo' ones, except for only having 7-pin electrics (and no fog light) instead of Volvo's 13-pin with fogs, on the back of my xc70 with electric tailgate. Also way cheaper

I carry my wifes electric 'city-bike' (23kg) and my twins road bikes (2x11kg) on it with no problems on a volvo detachable hitch with 90kg vertical limit. Overall load limit of the 3bike rack is 60kg with max of 25kg per single bike.
No problem in tilting it, once you get used to it's pivot point - you just step on a pedal and pull back on the highest point of the bike. Most important thing - remember not to push the boot opening buttons on dash or keyfob while the rack is still upright.

I also suggest you look at the loading ramp adaptor (around 30) so you just wheel the bike up from the pavement onto the rack. You can also get an adapter for an extra bike to the rear, should you need it.

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