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WPR678B Sep 19th, 2017 21:08

Estate load cover
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I have a black load cover to suit a 240 estate that I no longer have a need for so thought I would offer it here before putting it on ebay.

It is in good condition and comes with all its fittings as pictured. The mounting blocks are some I had made to match the originals but are made from aluminium instead of the original plastic.

100 collected from Dorset or can post at cost, but being quite long that may be at a premium?

Please post here in the first instance to express your interest before sending a PM so it can fairly be offered on a first come, first served basis.

Stephen Edwin Sep 19th, 2017 21:42

May I register my interest please.

It looks a good example. Does it sit nice and flat when extended over the load bay?

Do you have measurements of where to drill for the fixings?

Do you know what p&p would be inland, to Thurrock, RM post codes?

Thank you - Stephen

WPR678B Sep 19th, 2017 21:55

Yes, it sat pretty flat when it was in use in my 145 (same body pressing as the 240) and was great to hide the picnic stuff at shows!
The holes were never there in my 145 as it wasn't a factory option back then, so I just offered it up and marked where they needed to be and drilled them into the rail below the window. If you have a late car they may already be there behind the back of the back seat?
It is quite obvious once its in the car where they should be though :-)
The little hooks for the tailgate end of the load bay are a bit more critical as if they are too low the cover doesn't sit in the recess of where the back window is and fouls the tailgate. Best way is to offer it up from the inside with the tailgate closed and the cover rolled up.

I will look into prices for posting by Royal Mail, but expect that Parcelforce will be the only option due to its length.
I hope that helps?

b296 Sep 19th, 2017 22:01

I would like to join the queue for this if Richard decides not to go for it! PM sent.

WPR678B Sep 19th, 2017 22:15

Its looking like postage is going to be 15 within Mainland UK for this due to its length.
I hope this helps?

Stephen Edwin Sep 20th, 2017 14:28


Originally Posted by WPR678B (Post 2319868)
Its looking like postage is going to be 15 within Mainland UK for this due to its length.
I hope this helps?

You got a good p&p price there.

Deal done yes please. Apologies to Richard and b296.

Could you send me by message say your PayPal details for me to pay or whatever you prefer, and perhaps your email address.

There are no holes pre drilled that I can see. I'm going to need some cogitating time before I....drill the boywork !!!

I suppose one has to just decide when to cover the load area. The cover in use might be an invitation that there must be something hidden worth stealing? One just can't win init. The cover is I suppose more neatness rather than security.

Thank you - Stephen

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