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Jdsb Sep 3rd, 2021 21:08

S60r brake pressure sensors
Hi I'm new to the forum, I recently saved one of these beautiful machines from certain death, however it's going to take a lot more than an engine rebuild to get it to full glory.

My question is are the brake pressure sensors model specific? I need to replace brake sensor 1 and obviously trying to keep the cost down (if that's even possible).

What I'm hoping is to be able to locate this sensor from another model (xc70 - 90 maybe,hopefully) it's a long shot but would give me a fighting chance of finding a usable second hand part, anyhow thanks in advance for any info. Jim

cheshired5 Sep 3rd, 2021 22:45

If you don't have Vida, for the part number then type the part number into eBay for new and used alternatives.

Jdsb Sep 3rd, 2021 23:14

Nice one for that link the parts are indeed interchangeable, this makes things a lot easier.

I haven't got vida but I will get it at some point as im using icarsoft, it does the job for now but is somewhat out if it's depth with the volvo, thanks again

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