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bumble72 Feb 18th, 2018 08:52

Used xc60 d4 2L fwd buying sdvuce sought
My old car , a Fabia 2002, as ceased to function.

I,ve had my eye an xc60 d4 2.0 FWD for sometime.

Could i ask, what i should look out for when buying one?
And would there be any particular advice re high mileage examples eg 70k+?

Thanks alot.


Considered1 Feb 18th, 2018 11:43

What year / budget are you looking at
I would have the car below back as a second car any day and mileage wouldnít put me off but the price needs to reflect this as they do drop like a brick in value with miles. Donít pay over the odds as there are hundreds out there.

If itís the newer 2.0 D4 VEA fwd then make sure itís had itís EGR final fix done by Volvo otherwise an £800 bill, take out a warranty and youíll be fine.

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