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Tetleysmooth Jun 26th, 2019 19:50

1998 v70 2.5t auto.
As some of you are probably aware, I've been having a battle with this car over a fault code which keeps occurring. It's P0505 idle air control. I've put a good few parts on this to try to cure it, but I've got to put my hands up and say it's beaten me. I read somewhere that a duff coolant temperature sensor can stop the cooling fan working, and that's the part I fitted today, along with a new thermostat. The eml came on again shortly after with the same code. The cooling fan doesn't seem to be working. I substituted the fan relay for a known to be working one, but it still doesn't work. I'm at the limit of my knowledge now, so must give up. Having said that, I still use the car most days and the temperature stays bang on 3 o'clock.
I've put quite a lot of parts on this car since I bought it. When I got it, the rear wiper didn't work. Bought a replacement mechanism and got it working again. The interior lights didn't work, so I took every lock out and fixed the microswitches. They're all working correctly now. I replaced the headlamps with good units sourced from Minty. The sunroof didn't work, but I've fixed that as well.
The car drives lovely, and is very fast when needed. It had new tyres just before I bought it, along with new pads. It also had new struts on the rear hatch, so it doesn't come down and smack you on the head.
The interior is in a mushroom type colour, with the usual shrinkage on the doorcard coverings. The drivers seat has a small split in the cushion.
Nice SC900 radio/cd. It has the 3 cd cartridge which works correctly, but only with genuine cd's. All the night illumination is ok. The gear selector light is not working.
It needs an uprated dipstick. I was going to do this, but not now. Enough is enough.
The car has mot until December 10th.
There is no service history.
The car cost me 500 a few months ago, and as said, I've spent a fair few bob on it. I think an asking price of 450 is more than fair.
If you can fix the idle air and cooling fan problem, you will have a very fair V70 2.5 turbo.
Please note, this car is no beauty queen, but I think it's a fair enough example.

Once again, I tried to post some pictures, but was unable to.

SteveSarre Jun 27th, 2019 08:17

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Hi all.

Here are some photos uploaded for Tetleysmooth.


SteveSarre Jun 27th, 2019 08:18

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And one more


martinbrown9889 Jun 27th, 2019 08:25

I had this vehicle, but I sold that and bought a GMC truck, which we are using for towing service in Queens.

Tetleysmooth Jun 27th, 2019 10:56


Originally Posted by martinbrown9889 (Post 2531823)
I had this vehicle, but I sold that and bought a GMC truck, which we are using for towing service in Queens.

Up until I bought it, it had never left the county of Kent.
I don't think it's ever been to New York lol.

Tetleysmooth Jun 30th, 2019 12:09

I drove this to work yesterday in the stifling heat.
I was expecting the EML to come on almost immediately, but no, the light stayed out and the car ran super smooth, temperature bang in the middle of the guage, despite several stops for traffic lights, roundabouts etc. Same again on the way home this morning. I fitted the new 'stat and CTS, so maybe the ecu is having to re-learn values. It's got me foxed.

Can anyone give me simple instructions how to test the cooling fan please? They must be simple, because electrics are a dark art to me.

SteveSarre Jun 30th, 2019 17:25

Hi Tetleysmooth

Sounds like an improvement, fingers crossed.

What are the symptoms of the fan problem?
Can you turn it by hand?
Does it ever work?
Have you checked the main 60A fuses in the Main Fuses box above the ABS pump?

This article might take it further


sdg1970 Jun 30th, 2019 17:31

Regarding the CTS - I changed mine and the stat about 1000 miles ago and I reckon it's still improving (ie the ECU is adapting to the change). It had been knackered for a long time i reckon, but it took me a while to diagnose the problem. It was affecting everything from fan issues (mine was doing the opposite of yours and running pretty much constant as soon as the gauge got to near 3 oclock) to Lambdas and causing over fueling and a myriad OBD codes.

Tetleysmooth Jul 1st, 2019 19:25

I unplugged the CTS and the fan fired up straight away. In fact it kept going for a while after I took the keys out of the ignition switch. It stopped eventually though. If I give the relay a light tap, the fan spins momentarily, then stops again. Duff relay?

The EML came on again today.

I've possibly got a buyer for this. He doesn't give a monkeys about the EML.
He knows the amount of graft I've put in trying to solve this, and he believes me when I say it runs just fine with the light on, which it does. Possibly going next week.
I'm going to have another look at it on Wednesday. I'm going to whip the airbox out and look again if there's any vacuum lines adrift under there.
I'm a bit gutted that it may be going, but as said, this is one problem that's beaten me.
All fuses are intact.

Tetleysmooth Jul 18th, 2019 05:34

This has gone now.
New owner came down from Wakefield yesterday and collected it.
It got him home without missing a beat. He seems very impressed.

I managed to cure the idle air fault in the end by adjusting the throttle plate a little. The EML hadn't come on by the time he got home to Wakefield, so I'd call that a win.

I was kinda sad to see it go, but the epic battle with the EML kinda took the shine off the car for me.

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