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Kyri Apos Jul 17th, 2019 15:32

Volvo 440 Turbo - 1989 - FOR SALE

I have just come into possession of an White Volvo 440 Turbo 1989,
1 owner from new, very low milage miles. The car came with the house me and my wife just bought, this vehicle has been sitting in the garage untouched for 5+ year I believe.

I need help looking for a new home for this classic car

I didn't know where to look or begin until I came across this VOC

Please, if you can help or no of anyone who is interested in buying this, we are looking to sell


Joseph Martin Jul 18th, 2019 20:25

Sounds interesting, could you give an indication on price and some pictures?

Kyri Apos Jul 22nd, 2019 12:30

Hi Joseph

Please give me a couple of days to get the car out of the garage to take some pictures for you.

I will gather all the specs and details on the car to give you a better idea.

JoVolvo Aug 12th, 2019 13:13

Hi Kyri, could I have some more info please? Pics, mileage, condition?
Any info would be fantastic - thank you

Bund Nov 15th, 2019 20:23


Did you sell the car??

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