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m0eeb Oct 14th, 2021 13:05

S40 Headlight
Hi Guys
Looking for drivers side headlight or decent lens S40 2003
Volvo number is 301-155-270

SIAMBLUE Oct 14th, 2021 22:11

I have an complete headlight here but will have to dig it out, as itís packed away in the summerhouse.

m0eeb Oct 15th, 2021 13:24

Thanks for the reply let me know the condition and price when you find it

SIAMBLUE Oct 15th, 2021 17:43

Hi found it, just need to give it a clean it has a small stone chip on the high beam glass side, both parts are genuine Volvo.

£25 collected

I canít seem to post pics on here for some reason.


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