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Freddiesdad Feb 20th, 2021 17:29

Parking brake stuck on 2019 V90 D4 Momentum
I tried to move the car yesterday but the parking brake refused to release either in drive or reverse. Tried numerous attempts but it wouldn't budge. I switched the car off for a few minutes and drove off as normal. Is this a known issue.

nu11eaf Feb 20th, 2021 19:05

Its not a common occurrence, I have only read a few accounts of it happening.

vman99 Feb 23rd, 2021 20:06

Parking brake release
Hi, the parking brake sticking on has happened to me as I was moving the car inside my garage. I put the car in first gear and it was stuck, into reverse and the same, I the then found out that I had failed to close the drivers door properly.

It seems that if the door is not closed completely the auto park brake will not release.

I post this to make sure other people are aware of this feature (seems over protective to me)


nu11eaf Feb 23rd, 2021 20:40

There used to be a feature on the car that locked the brakes if you stopped and undone your seat belt and did not buckle up again, this feature was removed with one of the software updates.

I thought I had a fault when this happened to me not long after getting the car.
I stopped and got out to open a gate, I did not put my seat belt back on as I had to drive through then stop to shut the gate again, I could not drive as brakes locked on, it took a while before I realise, when it happened again after shutting the gate I twigged what was happening. I was in a compound putting my caravan away so again did not buckle up as only moving 100 yard.

I do not remember when the update was to remove this, there is a slim chance the odd car has not had the software update. Newer cars will not have had this feature.

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