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El142 Mar 8th, 2021 21:52

Odo gear for 142 GT same as 240?
I just got a very nice 1974 142, mostly in great shape.
One flaw is that the GT-style speedometer works, but the odometer does not.
I've found vendors for odometer gears for the later series cars but not for the 140.
So, two questions:
Is there a vendor offering odometer gears for the 140 GT speedometer?
If not, can anyone say from experience whether a gear from a 240 would work? (Longshot but a guy can hope).
Any other suggestions?

Thanks all

AndrewBrown Mar 14th, 2021 01:11

All the information you need is here about the gears in the speedo

140 information is here too for cars from 1973 on.

I'm sure you can get what you need from them too,

its in the USA too so not a problem for you as you are in Denver

Also this person knows people who repair classic volvo instruments too


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