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JOE GANT Jan 14th, 2022 15:50

Electrical fault non start
Hi all im trying to fix my xc70 2013 d5. It was driving as normal then stopped the car for 20 mins came back to immobiliser fault, braking fault cant recognise depressing brake pedal to start or gear box park position the car will simply not turn over.
We plugged the car in and have faults in the
b10a202, b10a206, b10a215, b10ea13, b11d487, u010000, u010100, u012100, u013100, u015100, u023500, u043300
u01000, u010100, u012100, u015100, u042268
demu010000, u012100, u040168
pamu010100, u012100, u040286, u041586
u01000, u010100, u012100, u015100, u040168

a bit of a list but i see that some are duplicated especially the canbus ones,
we cant seem to communicate with the srs module, the car has done a good few miles and was wondering if there are any wiring corrosion hot spots to aim for or could a module be up the swanny? Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.

37 RUBY Jan 14th, 2022 19:44


Well corrosion at the CEM and connector is well documented for P3 XC70's of that era due to poorly applied windscreen sealant allowing water you could at least check the plug connector on the CEM for corrosion and water ingress by checking under carpets to see if they are soggy have nothing to lose from cleaning and re-seating the connector and see what gives.

You have already noted that there is a brake pedal position sensor issue and it could quite possibly be as simple as a faulty pedal switch.


JOE GANT Jan 17th, 2022 18:52

Hi ruby thankyou for your help. Unfortunatly everthing seems dry no signs of water ingress.
Ive had the carpets up , checked all the plugs for corrosion checked the maze of wiring the best i could. Also noticed i cannot lock or unlock the car i am starting to have doubts about the cem. It might have blown within the unit its self.
I fitted two new brake sensors to no avail. I cant understand why it wont recognise the vehilce is not in park or the brake pedalis depressed. There must be a comms fault.

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