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OllyWhit Aug 13th, 2019 23:12

XC60 Air Suspension Boot Height Buttons
Hi all,

This is my first Volvo and first time posting in the forum so please go easy on me. :) I couldn't find this question asked anywhere else but please do point me to it if I have missed it.

When I first collected my car I am sure that the convenience buttons in the boot to temporarily adjust the boot loading height would raise the car height above normal as well as lower it. Now however the up button does nothing from standard ride height unless I have already lowered the car with the down button. In which case it then just returns the car to regular ride height.

In summary now the down button lowers the car. The up button returns the car to regular height.

Can anyone confirm what the behaviour on their boot buttons is please and is my car now playing up or do I remember wrongly.

Thanks in advance


dling Aug 14th, 2019 05:14

Congrats on getting such a nice car :).
That is exactly the correct behavior, the purpose of those buttons is to lower the back of the car for easier loading, if needed. Once you start the engine the car will anyway auto level based on the load weight and adjust the height (including the front) according to your driving mode selector.

simonjedrake Aug 14th, 2019 18:55

As per above reply, my similar model does exactly the same as yours which is the correct manner.

OllyWhit Aug 14th, 2019 19:29

Thanks both. That sets my mind at rest. Maybe I am mis-remembering from when I picked it up 12months ago.

I've now turned off comfort entry/exit as it makes the boot that little bit higher for impromptue nappy changes without stooping too much.

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