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S40_Paul Jun 1st, 2009 22:53

Well notch up another A* for Simon at FRF Motor's.

Rang Thursday to order replacement oil filter and fuel filter and was given great service the moment I got through, Simon was even calm when my order number had been cleared by the manager but still, got everything resorted, and earlier today recieved the good's.

Top class service, top class genuine part's, with a top class price that's even cheaper than eBay inc delivery and VAT!

Chesh740R Jun 4th, 2009 17:05

Just another postive feed back for Simon, I will continue to order parts from him time and time again.

Emailed an enquiry for some service bits last night, came home from work and an email reply was waiting, so I rang up and placed the order and paid my monies.

Top notch service and great pricing.

I worked out that excluding the postage costs I was saving 28% on parts ordering through Simon instead of going to my local dealer.
Including the postage costs its still a 22% saving.

So as much as i hate paying postage costs I've just doubled up my order so i have the parts in for the next couple of services.

Thanks again Simon.

Has anyone from the club approached you to see if your dealership would have a parts stand at the BKV selling bits???

Flingel Jun 11th, 2009 08:56

Another thumbs up for Simon.
Replied to email within 30 mins!
Rang to order parts. (Simon not about, probably on his break!)
Stuff arrived 48 hours later.

Excellent service.

Will use again & again.


Dog_Book Jun 11th, 2009 12:40

These people sell genuine volvo parts and send them to you cheaper than buying localy. Which is pretty damn good i think :P

evad Jun 22nd, 2009 15:03

Rufe is an absolute winner and my new favourite when it comes to buy genuine parts from now on! My order has been taken without any hassle and all parts were delivered two working days later, as promised over the phone! Excellent stuff!

wingchun Jul 1st, 2009 17:51

Simon strikes again!
Took my Volvo 850 for M.O.T repairs and a kindly mechanic promptly disconnected the battery thus losing the radio code. As my car was secondhand there was no card in the maintenance book thus causing me a problem. A quick email to Simon and the problem was solved, How often does anyone reply back within the hour? Simon did. Thanks Mate, a pint is yours if we ever meet.

st1050 Jul 5th, 2009 21:12

Had my bi-annual air-con service was told I had a leaking evaporator. Emailed Simon with a quote for parts that evening recieved reply back next day. Parts arrived 48hrs after conformation of order.
Good prices great service will use Simon again beats my local Volvo dealer hands down

Thanks Alan

Rufe Jul 8th, 2009 10:41


I hate to say it (yeah right) but I am actually having some time off work during July.

Week Beginning Monday 13th July 2009 I am OFF all week

Week Beginning Monday 20th July 2009 I am OFF all week

Week Beginning Monday 27th July 2009 I am OFF Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Of course the dealership is still open as usual, but our mail order side of things will be affected.

I simply can not guarantee you will get the same prices that I can give, not because anyone is out to 'rip anyone off' but simply put, others here are not so keen to knock such huge discounts off parts as I do. Now don't get me wrong, I assure you that you will still get good discounts, a minimum of 15% off parts accross the board go's without saying, but on parts where i give 20%, 27%, 30% or 40% off retail price these you will probably find these wont be down so low if I am not handling the sale. Also, the others here are not used to handling mail order parts orders any where like I do, so where I can look at a part number and automatically know what to charge for delivery, the others here would not have a clue in fairness, no disrespect but its something they simply dont get involved with. I can only do my best to discourage people from calling us for enquiries during this time, unless its abolsultey essential!

However if I give you a reference number before I go away, rest assured you will still get the parts at the price I have quoted! No one would ever adjust my discounts on any order reference number. So please use reference numbers when possible to ensure the best possible price. All quotes I send to people now should have them, its a 5 digit number.

Ideally please get in touch for a quote before I go away, or when I come back. Messages sent during my time off will not be seen by anyone until I get back to work - EVEN if you see me online during this time (which i no doubt will be at some point). I am not ignoring anyone, but when I am off I simply cant help with prices and will have to leave everything build up until I get back in to work (allready i am not looking forward to that day!!)

Thanks to everyone once again, our online selling side of things has proved a huge success I hope you will agree, just a shame I have to take some time off :animal-smiley-040:

Simon :)

Rubic cube Jul 8th, 2009 11:27


Originally Posted by v8disco (Post 399340)
Agree with all the above.

Great Service, Great prices and friendly as well.

many thanks Simon.


i agree with above went there collected my timing parts live local many thanks rubic cube

cumbrianmale Jul 8th, 2009 19:34

Enjoy your holiday Simon.

I think your dealer principal will need to realise you need an assistant who can monitor forums and deal with orders in your absence. You are entitled to holidays and can get ill. He must see a tangible benefit to the business you bring in, he now needs to invest in it so you get some help. Doesn't mean employing more staff but allowing you to train the current staff to cope.

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