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Lami17 May 4th, 2019 23:13

Volvo 440 1.6Li erratic hunting idle

I have a 440 1.6Li which has been in storage for 4 years. Since it was put in storage it's now developed a hunting (up/down/up/down) idle. If I pull off the small manifold pipe which goes to the pressure sensor this stops the hunting somewhat but the idle speed is high. Don't know if it's related but the red water temperature light is always lit and the temp needle reads higher than expected. Any advice very much appreciated. Thanks Ian

97niva Jun 25th, 2019 16:01

Hi on my 460 the hunting idle was fixed by changing the throttle position sensor check that out :)

Nostag Oct 13th, 2019 22:23

same problems with mine, but I think the B16F got no throttle position sensor.
I had a hunting idle with low rpm, in the beginning, with a dying engine sometimes. Meanwhile I checked a lot of stuff, like new sparkplugs, airfilter, distributorcap, ignition wiring, distribution belt. No change.
Then I cleaned/oiled the idle regulation valve and "pulsed" it with 12v when I had it removed til it seem to work properly, open/close.
Since then I have a high idle, about 1200rpm, not hunting.
Still in progress.
What about yours?
Greetz, Janos

Ps: excuse my speech, Kraut is trying to write english

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