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swedishandgerman Jan 2nd, 2019 12:15

Introducing my 142
I've just bought a RHD 142 originally from Finland.

I've spent many years with Amazons and more recently a P1800S. Earlier this year I bought a hulk of a 144 to harvest the lovely B20A for my Amazon Estate, then sold the rest of the wreck for parts. However, having never paid much attention to the 140 Series, I recognised its charm.

Earlier this year, over on a Facebook page, a guy showed a couple pictures of this lovely 142 in Safari Yellow saying that he'd bought imported it from Finland and about to embark on making it roadworthy. I commented on its appeal, then put it to the back of my mind, but to remind myself to keep check on its progress. It went silent, so I emailed him and he replied saying that he had done next to nothing seeing as he had too many other projects on the go and I persuaded him to sell it. I had it delivered by from Colchester to Devon last week.

The old car's been stood standing for a good while and the brakes are the first thing requiring attention along with a list of other things:
  • Both rear shocks are non-existent,
  • the exhaust is blowing and there are no rubber hangers left,
  • the heater hoses are perished,
  • there's a list of electrical faults including right indicators not working, left indicators hardly working, no horn, fuel gauge and temp gauge not working.

There are many other things, but those are the main things. Oh, and of course tyres. I'll set about all this work with my friend who has worked at Volvo in Exeter for 20 years and we're starting up together working on old Volvos at an extremely low rate. Do get in touch!

The bodywork is extremely good with little signs of previous work which includes one new spare wheel well, repairs to the OSF inner wing and a replaced NSF inner wing. However, there is now a hole under the driver's seat that needs repair.

The interior is impeccable only requiring new Pirelli webbing under the 2 front seat squabs.

First off is to get the thing registered and a V5 doc in hand. I feel nervous about this having had many dealings with the DVLA when I worked in the motor trade. As such, I'm not making any start with mechanical work until I have all paperwork in hand.

swedishandgerman Jan 2nd, 2019 12:22

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Triple-S Jan 2nd, 2019 13:19

That looks very nice, the same colour as my first one which I inherited after a good friend in Surrey died. Mine was a rare UK car all its life -just hope its still around.
Until you said Finland I thought you had bought the blue one I restored three years back, as I know the guy I sold it to wanted some money to continue financing his P1800 resto. Get it good and ready for the VOC stand at the NEC show next November - there wasn't a 140 there this year.


eternal optimist Jan 2nd, 2019 21:38

Thatís gorgeous.

amazon69 Jan 3rd, 2019 19:17

God Damn :)

srs4164 Jan 4th, 2019 01:06

That's the same color as the 1st '71 164 I owned way back when. I love that color and that car looks fabulous!

johnjp Jan 4th, 2019 18:02

I had a poo brown 144 in Australia but sold it to pay for a Valiant (Dodge) Charger 7.2litre!
After that had fallen pray to the rust devil I bought a 244 the same colour as this one - and that was a keeper despite almost being written off by a wayward 264 t-boning me!
I know it was a 264 because all that was left behind was the `chrome` grille!

Laird Scooby Jan 12th, 2019 00:04

That brings back memories! Same or very similar colour to the facelift 72 144 auto i had, interior is the same colour seats as well.

Amazing how little needs doing, considering its age and it's sat around for a while doing very little.
When i had my 144 auto, my brother had a 68/G 142S with the B20B and M46 overdrive box.
I'd also previously owned a 145 on a K reg for a while but never drove it legally on the road.

The thing i always liked about the original 140 series is they had a general old world charm/appearance with some modern twists like the wrap-around front indicators, also the pre-facelift dash was more ergonomic than the facelift version, except maybe for the bargraph speedo - never been a fan of those. Difficult to fit anything except a bargraph speedo in that dash though so i'd accept it as part of a better overall design.

Lovely looking car - what are your general plans noce it's roadworthy?

photosupra Feb 27th, 2019 16:47

The car looks great. Is it currently in this condition or has it been taken apart to restore? I'm looking for a 142 for a photoshoot and would love to chat with you about it!

swedishandgerman Feb 27th, 2019 17:49


Originally Posted by photosupra (Post 2499413)
The car looks great. Is it currently in this condition or has it been taken apart to restore? I'm looking for a 142 for a photoshoot and would love to chat with you about it!


No, the car is still as is. However, I see you're in Seattle!! That's not near me..

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