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Bob Oct 8th, 2006 19:56

V50 S40 Recall
A recall of the V50 and S40 range MY2004 on has appeared in the USA, though I have not seen it yet in the UK. This affects the handbrake not holding the car - 'poor tensioning'.

If you are unsure about the efficiency of your handbrake then contact your Volvo dealer.


Marmoset Oct 9th, 2006 11:39

It's been issued over here as well - had mine done a few months back, the dealer wrote to me to arrange the mods.

bircham Oct 21st, 2006 09:26

My wife's V50 was recalled a few months ago as well.

mark2jag Nov 30th, 2006 16:26

Recall for Handbrake, err sorry dont think so.!! What they actually is do is put a sticker in your handbook and give you a little booklet, Thats all that Kings Winchester did for my S40 1.6 SE (Diesel). Were they supposed to do more than that??? (they treat their customers like sh*t anyway, so theres no surprise there) This is not being nasty but is a statement of FACT, , as can be judged from previous articles concerning shoddy treatment of myself ,so please dont ban this article,lol.:speechless-smiley-2 :Banane59:

mnicholl Dec 1st, 2006 00:21

I was given this booklet with regards to the handbrake failure in June (I think it was), but I would like to know if they would have provided me the information if the car was not in getting a fault repaired.

I have contacted Volvo customer services with regards to the treatment that I have had since I purchased a new Volvo S40.

I hope they certainly give me the customer care they promised prior to signing the contract, or web pages can be designed very easily.

nicmeljones Dec 17th, 2006 12:24

S40 Handbrake
My wife's S40 D5SE was recalled a few weeks ago and the handbrake was definitely better when it was returned by Kings of Salisbury. The handbook was also updated.

In May 2005 the handbrake slipped when the car was parked in the drive, demolishing the garage door in the process. Volvo have now refunded the 450.00 repair bill as well!

webbie Jan 6th, 2007 13:12

service bulletin here

bsrT5 Jan 29th, 2007 17:51


Originally Posted by webbie (Post 188565)

I own a 2006 S40T5, I vave checked and my car dosent have the numbers reported of chassis, my car is number 685162-193313. One month ago I parked the car and when I came back the car was crashed in garage door, handbrake failure I assume. The dealership never contacted me about this problem. Now I see this thread I understand. In the future where can I see volvo recalls for my car? Also where can I ask if my car is not recalled because I experienced the same problem? Thanks

T5R+ Feb 3rd, 2007 13:31

Folks - it seems some folks are having more than handbrake issues.

AllanG Feb 21st, 2007 09:35

Volvo V50 Recall
Not sure if it is what you term a recall but my Volvo dealer sent me a letter this week to bring my V50 in for a field upgrade. Volvo had identified 3 possible problems with:

1. Climate control noises ( I've been having that problem)
2. Insufficient battery power to start the car
3. Spurious messages on the Information centre.

Applies not just to the V50 but a couple of other models as well but I don't have the letter with me. Sofware upgrade takes up to 1 hour I am told.

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