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benk103 Mar 11th, 2019 23:38

Key Fob - case replacement
Does anyone have any tips on replacing the case for the key fob? Bought one from eBay as mine was looking a little tired, but I can't seem to get the original one apart (to get the electronics bit out) without forcing it and feeling it might break!
Has anyone managed to do this?

foneman Mar 12th, 2019 23:07

I don't think it's possible.I looked myself at a new case cover a while back and came to the conclusion that the cover is moulded on to the electronics inside.
A shame as like yours my key fobs look a bit shabby as well.I would also be interested to see if it is possible.

Markos01 Mar 13th, 2019 10:06

My key fobs look a little tired too and I'd love to swap out the case on them!

LizardOfBodom Mar 13th, 2019 12:28

Its defo doable, confirmed with that locksmith I spoke at weekend, but I suspect it may require some skills and tools to not damage the fragile RFID chip. Maybe ask around at places that specialise in car keys, shouldnt cost too much I believe.

eric19371 Mar 16th, 2019 21:51

What sort of design is it? The keys on my cars just need you to remove the metal key, undo the screw and then pull apart.

benk103 Mar 17th, 2019 18:30

Mine is one of this type:

managed to get the back off but apart from that I was a bit stumped and thought I'd do more harm than good. No screws on mine.

iainmd Mar 18th, 2019 19:29

Sadly the image links have expired but it might help.

TheFiend Mar 26th, 2019 11:45

I ordered a couple of these...

and they arrived within a couple of days....

The original key fob comes apart with a little bit of persuasion to reveal the transponder and circuit board and I've reused the original Volvo back piece when putting the fobs back together.

AndrasL Mar 29th, 2019 12:24

I have replaced the key fob plastic for my '11 S40. It has these type of keys:

What I did was that first I removed the metal key part and removed the back part (as if replacing the battery).
From that point on there is only one thing holding the key fob together: glue. Yes, it is glued all around and there is no other way to take it apart, but to force it.

I started from the pointy end, inserted a small screwdriver, then a larger one and carefully forced it open.

WARNING: there is a little glass insert inside the pointy end which is used by the car to identify the key. If you damage this, your key is toast. Make sure not to insert the screwdriver more than 1-2 mm-s from the sides.

Take a look at your new one, you will be able to see where this little glass insert goes, so you will avoid damaging it.

Nothing else to be careful about, just use multiple screwdirvers and take your time.

Once done, try it out and only then glue it back together (try to use as lttile glue as possible).

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