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badm88n Nov 14th, 2020 17:03

Tweeter and Cover Trim Clips
I am looking for two of the clips which secure the tweeter to the door. The original part number is 9151566. Mine is a 2008 XC90 but I think the clips fit more than one model.

I'd be interested in the tweeter and cover also if you have one. Passenger side NSF. Tweeter has the numbers 30761129LH CDV5A 08W06.


badm88n Nov 21st, 2020 22:22

All done, got two new clips from Ebay. Bought a used speaker and grill and transferred over the tweeter from the old grill. Swapping tweeters is a pita but can be done. All fitted back and working :regular_smile:

Close thread please.

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