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Yellowbelly May 15th, 2018 20:51

This section is incorrect
This is not correct as the new V60, like the current XC60, is built on the SPA platform and the XC40 is the first car in the 40 series to be built on the CMA platform.

The best solution would be to have two SPA sections - one for the current 90 series cars XC90, S90, V90, V90XC and the other for the current 60 series cars XC60, V60 (and S60 and V60XC when launched), and a new CMA section where XC40 is the initial model which I assume will be followed by the V40 replacement.

JamesV70R May 15th, 2018 21:47

Thanks - this is the feedback I was hoping for!

God I wish Volvo would stick to one naming scheme! What happened to the SPA being "the platform for everything going forwards"!

I get it updated tomorrow. Fancy correcting the name for this section in the same format ad the rest of the subforums and I'll use that. You guys will know it better than I do!


Bendolfc May 16th, 2018 11:17

SPA (scalable platform architecture) was never going to be for everything, only the larger cars and the CMA (compact module architecture) for the smaller cars.

At the moment the name should just be XC40 '17> as the new V40 & S40 have yet to be revealed.

Edit, it should probably be MY18.

JamesV70R May 16th, 2018 17:06

Renamed! Hopefully more accurate!

Thanks for bearing with me .. !


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