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I-S May 26th, 2014 17:35

[GUIDE] How to: Manual EPB removal/wind off
So, lots of people have asked this question. Here's a picture guide to removing the EPB and winding off the parking brake manually (ie using hands and tools, not using VIDA or an electronic EPB tool).

So, here's the EPB mech on the back of the caliper:

Unplug the connector (easier said then done... Push a screwdriver into the side of the connector where the clip is, perpendicular to the way it pulls out, that will release it):

Now remove the caliper from the carrier in the normal way (13mm socket, hold the slider pins with a 15mm spanner):

Now if you turn the caliper and look at the back, where the EPB mech is, you'll see it's connected with two Torx T30 bolts:

Undo these. They will be quite stiff, and seem rather subject to corrosion, so I recommend replacing them with new ones (p/n 30742941).

You won't be able to undo them with a T30 bit on a socket set, you will need a specific T30 driver:

Once you have removed the EPB mech, the back of the caliper looks like this:

This is the spline that drives the pad onto the disc. Simply wind it clockwise as you look at it from this view. The interface is a spline (someone else here said it was XZN8) - however, a Torx T40 will go into it and it takes VERY little effort to turn so you will not damage anything. It takes a lot of turns to wind it all the way back (depending on your pad wear of course - mine were down to about 4-5 mm).

Refitting is the reverse of removal. Once all back together (caliper, pads and all) simply actuate the EPB as normal and you'll hear it take longer than normal to wind on. Then take it off and back on and it should sound normal.

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