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Chris Ridley Feb 11th, 2018 20:07

C70 Hydraulic Fluid Level
Hi fellow C70 owners, does anyone know what the Hydraulic Fluid Level is in the cleverly hidden hydraulic reservoir, under the drivers side headlight ??? Chris

Bigchewie Feb 15th, 2018 01:36

if you shine a torch down toward bottom corner of bumper (if that makes sense) there is a max/min level on the side of the reservoir, at least there is on v50, it may be the same

Chris Ridley Mar 3rd, 2018 20:00

Thanks for that but after you remove the Headlight and unscrew the cap all you can see is the top of the resivior container ??

I'm absolutely gob smack that another C70 owner hasn't responded with the answer, obviously it's something that never get checked by owners or when having a "Volvo" Service ?????

Regards Chris

Sysyphus Mar 3rd, 2018 22:41

It's something I did look at sometime last year.. from memory I think the level is marked near the shoulder of the reservoir, didn't reply yet as I have had no reason to remove the headlight to confirm it... will be going in there at some point in the next week or two as I prepare for my upcoming road trip.

iantowil Mar 4th, 2018 17:07

It's the power steering fluid. Checked the manual and as per usual, should only be looked at by a service centre less we have hell on earth ;-)
In essence, should be right for life unless there is a problem/leak.

Sysyphus Mar 7th, 2018 04:02

Ok, so, with the headlamp out you can see the max and min lines the opposite of etched around the shoulder of the bottle if you look down from above at the rear of the reservoir.

Take the top off and shine a bright torch into the reservoir and you can see the fluid level through the sort of curved trapezoidal opening in the metal that would be underneath the headlamp if it were in its normal place. You cant actually see the lines and the liquid from the same angle, but you can infer whether there is enough in there by looking at both angles.

Sorry, had put the headlamp back before I thought to take a picture.

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