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ThomasG May 22nd, 2019 14:55

pre- works info gathering.
Hi all..

Just so I know what am I doing, when I get around to it..

My aircon doest perform too well at the moment..

So a bit of a background:

When I bought the car, some years ago, aircon would work only at motorway speeds, I didn't know why..
So I had it refilled.
And still, behaviour did not change.
Paying a bit more attention to it, I noticed that it will work for a minute or two from being switched on, and then die.

Some browsing of this forum done, and, armed with long nose pliers and some tiewraps I performed a "ghetto fix" of AC clutch.

For over 2 years now it was working like a charm.

Now, however.. It happened very gradually so I can't even say when it started, but the zircon isn't as cold as it used to be.

I am sure the compressor works. This "shudder" cannot be mistaken with anything else.

With outside temperatures above 20celc it actually never stops, the compressor, and yet it takes ages to make any significant temp drop inside the car.

Also, what I noticed, is that passenger side vents blow slightly colder than drivers.

First thing coming to my mind: refill.

Any other possibilities?

I'd rather find out now than after spending money..

Thanks in advance.

cheshired5 May 22nd, 2019 16:48

Clean the fluff out of the cabin temperature sensor on the climate unit grille.
Check the cabin temperature in Vida.
Run a climate module calibration in Vida.
View the ac gas pressure in Vida.

ThomasG May 22nd, 2019 16:57

And that is...

Very good!

I feel kind of silly for not thinking of it myself..

Thank you.

oragex May 22nd, 2019 17:00


Originally Posted by ThomasG (Post 2522641)
Hi all..

When I bought the car, some years ago, aircon would work only at motorway speeds, I didn't know why..

During a hot summer day, try see if the radiator fan runs at low speed when the A/C is turned on.

As for the poor cooling, as above, blow some air (or use a vacuum cleaner) in the small mesh on the center console, near the temp knob - don't touch the little sensor inside

Overfilling the compressor may cause issues such as poor cooling. Do the refrigerant lines around the engine look covered with ice ?

I would first bring it to a place to take the pressure.

barrybritcher May 22nd, 2019 22:41

you can buy the pressure tester in halfords (this is also the bit that screws into the gas bottle to refil it DIY)

barrybritcher May 22nd, 2019 22:43

ThomasG May 22nd, 2019 23:54


Originally Posted by barrybritcher (Post 2522779)



barrybritcher May 23rd, 2019 00:14

lol why's that? worked well for me and saves the 30 each time you pay a professional

ThomasG May 23rd, 2019 07:35

Yes, I know.

But after making few mistakes with this car, I decided to do things properly whenever possible.

And in this case it is about weighting a 30(as you say) saving per refill, that happens once in few years, against actually knowing how much refrigerant is in the system.

With that trigger one goes blind. No way of knowing how much to add.
I'll rather pay 60 as last time, and have it sucked out, weighted, refilled with proper amount of refrigerant and lubricant.

barrybritcher May 23rd, 2019 07:59

Yes deffo the correct way but alas as I had the world's tiniest weep from the compressor they refused to fill it. So I used the gas with a leak stop built in. Bob's your uncle.

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