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LankyTim Sep 27th, 2020 15:06

2004 V70 2.4 non turbo.
Hi all,

Are these cars suitable for conversion? could a complete system from a bi-fuel model be transplanted or should a new aftermarket system be used instead?

Many thanks.

ele288 Sep 27th, 2020 22:05

2.4 is fine with lpg. Factory bi fuel has diifernt head (harder valves) and intake manifold and there is no separate ecu for lpg but the main ecu has everything. I would say easier would be aftermarket lpg or find another factory bifuel volvo.

classicswede Sep 28th, 2020 22:26

The factory system was not great, the only good part was the tank

CNGBiFuel Oct 8th, 2020 09:17

I'd agree. The factory system is OK, but not brilliant. If you can find one it's the better choice because even if it's not working, the conversion (and the tank is where the work is) is broadly done, and done well. Find a good one, and it'll do what it's supposed to do. Burn gas.

You won't pay much more for the factory offering over without. Same applies to a conversion. The problem with non-factory conversions is the variable conversion-quality - sooner or later this leaves you still doing the job.
But now, you've the bulk of the parts to put it right.

Be aware the far rarer factory CNG (rather than LPG) have tanks in, (or very near) expiry. This worries most, not me - thus if you find a RHD CNG car, send it my way, and I'll sort it. Be careful, even dealers don't know a CNG car. I've got mine from people that bought them thinking they were LPG.

LankyTim Oct 10th, 2020 12:39

Can a factory set up be transplanted to another car?

classicswede Oct 11th, 2020 19:30

Not really, the system is fairly well intergrated to teh car

CNGBiFuel Oct 12th, 2020 11:11

Yes, forgot to answer that part of your Q. You wouldn't bother to swap a factory set-up. It's good if found working, and great for what it grants when it isn't. But not good enough to actually trouble to move. And not so terrible that you'd remove it for a more advanced system. Truly, when working it's 'good enough'. The LPG trade don't like them becuase they're awkward to source parts/diagnose which is a fair point. As 'Classic' says the factory set-up is pretty much nailed-in anyway.

A factory system is also good in that you don't have to declare any modification; although most insurers no longer 'load' LPG premiums by much, or if anything - but bear this in mind.

In short, if you find a 'factory' you're better off. Find one in good order and you're laughing. Then even if it falls-over, and you convert to the sort of whizzbang ^^^ 'classic' ^^^^ puts in for a crust, it's maintenance, new-for-old. Thus not a strict modification.

And a conversion falls in, no bodge-drilling manifolds etc etc, and you've a proper factory gas-level fuel-gauge rather than lash-in LED things by AEB et al.

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