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jack taylor Oct 4th, 2020 19:45

leaking sunroof
Hi, 1998 V70. Today I put the old girl through a car wash followed by a very wet bum. A great deal of water has leaked through the top corner of the drivers side of the electric sunroof. This is first time it has happened. Does the rubber surround need replacing on these or is it normally a blockage preventing water from running away. Should it be the latter am I looking for drain holes or guttering/channels.Many thanks jack.

4x4 Oct 4th, 2020 21:14

Not sure where the sunroof drains exit on the 850 but it's usually 2 front and 2 rear on most cars. If fronts are like the XC90 it drains down the A-pillars. Rears usually exit around the rear wheel arches

jack taylor Oct 4th, 2020 21:41

Hi 4X4, Many thanks. A stupid question I know but with sunroof open what am I looking for, holes or gutters/channels.Will very thin wire clear any blockage.

4x4 Oct 4th, 2020 22:12

Don't think you will see much with the roof open, you may be able to see the holes for the front drain tubes.

I'm almost certain I saw the rear drains on my 850 exiting in the wheel well behind the rear wheel arch. If you look underneath there is a small plastic cover at each side, these get clogged with much and would prevent the water from draining

Dippydog Oct 4th, 2020 22:26

The two front drain holes should be easily visible in the front corners of the sunroof aperture,the rear ones can be more awkward to see.I use curtain wire[the plastic coated stuff generally used for net curtains]you don't want to use anything "pointy" or sharp as this could puncture the drain tubes.If you can't see the rear ones from the top find where the tubes exit[usually in the rear arch so you may have to remove arch liner if fitted]and clear them from that end taking care not to get wet if/when they empty out!

jack taylor Oct 4th, 2020 22:56

Hi Dippydog, Thanks very much. I am assuming its the front drain hole on drivers side that is blocked. Roughly how far is it from front drain holes to where the water will exit from the car. I ask so I can judge how long the plastic wire needs to be. Thanks jack

4x4 Oct 5th, 2020 10:10

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Had a look at my 850 this morning and the front drain points can easily be seen with the sunroof open. I've not checked where they exit so you will have to investigate that yourself.

Be very careful if you decide to poke the drain with a piece of wire (or similar) as it is possible to dislodge the tube and would be a nightmare to refit

Can't see the rear drain at the top but as I mentioned yesterday they do exit at the rear of the wheel arches. If you lift out the spare wheel floor cover and the side floor on each side you will see a black tube which goes into a plastic box before exiting through the floor to the outside. Make sure they are connected properly and the tube is still going to the outside

If you look underneath the car behind the back wheel you will see the point where the rear water drain exits the car, make sure it is clean as they can get bunged up with mud from the back wheels

turboboy Oct 5th, 2020 11:50

Sunroof Drains
Presume you have looked at this?

Posted in the other thread on similar theme.

jack taylor Oct 5th, 2020 16:54

Hi 4X4 I really appreciate all your time and trouble, everything is wonderfully clear now. I am racking my brains as to what I can use to poke down the holes, being careful not to use something sharp or pointy. Here in spain we don't have the plastic covered net wires that are so common in the uk. Something will come to mind. Again thank you so much for all your help. jack

jack taylor Oct 5th, 2020 16:55

Hi Turboboy, To be honest I had not seen that link so very many thanks to you. jack

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