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arcturus Jan 21st, 2018 18:40

No other solid red, just the maroon red metalic, code 8 from 1953 to autumn 1955 (cellulosa) then code 21 up to model year 1957 was introduced in January 1957 (synthetic).

Mr O Jan 22nd, 2018 10:30

I love PV544. This is going to be a fantastic car. Best of luck with the rebuild.

Derek UK Jan 22nd, 2018 13:19

PVTRICK is the American PV on the other thread. Single carb is actually a Weber downdraught conversion kit. Engine you will have to check via the engine type numbers stamped on the side of the block above the fuel pump. Plug in is for a block heater for winter use. Discs good. Lots of potential here but quite a lot of rust to fix.

Example of Red#70 (Jensen build 61-62)


Army Jan 22nd, 2018 16:07

Had a vage wave with the polishing machine today
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Today I decided that I wanted to see how bad the dull paint actually is.

Started off by cleaning off as much muck as I could before getting out the clay bar

Then (because I'm lazy and I want to use a machine for the next bit) I taped up the edges of the area where the machine will be used. I'm using the gucci special masking tape sold for this purpose that is meant to leave as little residue behind as possible. Nevertheless I pulled it off the car ASAP as I hate having to remove adhesive from anything (!)

Ignore the brands - I don't recommend that brand in particular - it is OK - I got it on special...

The obligatory half a bonnet done shot!

The bit I did on the bonnet and the roof looks a whole lot better. I've only used cutting compound so far and it already seems like a different car.

Who ever painted this car in red did a stunning job. Really nice work - well worth trying to preserve (in my honest opinion as they say on the interweb as though you are expected to be dishonest about everything you post)

Army Jan 22nd, 2018 16:11

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Oh yes - tomorrow I'm off to the paint shop to try and get a match so I can blend in the parts that need to be repainted.

The list of possibles so far are

70 - the lesser known p1800 red

155 - the blinking common late 1970s Signal Red

I've got a cover for the (badly cut) hole in the dashboard for where the radio was that has been painted the same colour as the outside - I'm hoping the paint shop has a detector gun...


I also forgot to show something else I found today.

Took out the back seat base and found the original upholstery

The interior code on the ID tag says it was factory fresh with 40-197

And that if I'm not mistaken that is indeed 40-197 albeit with what looks like blood stains on it (happy days)

Dirty Rooster Jan 22nd, 2018 17:59


Originally Posted by Army (Post 2360227)
Amazing picture coming up next =>

No rust under the battery!

That really is incredible!

Now spill the beans : in what broad pricerange was this purchase?

Army Jan 22nd, 2018 18:45


Originally Posted by Dirty Rooster (Post 2360644)
That really is incredible!

Now spill the beans : in what broad pricerange was this purchase?

Ummm: I'm a bit reluctant to do that. Car prices here in Holland do not compare well with those in the UK.

All I'm prepared to say at the moment is that I got a (road fund) tax free MOT exempt vehicle that is in a good road worthy state for a price that is usually associated with a project.

Army Jan 23rd, 2018 17:09

Chasing after paint codes
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This is turning into a bit of a ball ache.

I went and saw a really nice lady who spent flipping ages scanning and reproducing the colour for me. She did a good job - I just bought a tester for 10 euros only to find that she can not mix automotive paint that does not need a clear coat...

The picture above shows the under colour she mixed. When / if you clear coat it, it goes a bit darker which would be about right.

Unfortunately she wasn't able (or perhaps willing?) to transpose her recipe values back into the nearest original Volvo code so I'm no further with finding out what exactly the new red colour is called.


I've had to do what I didn't want to do - order four different Volvo reds - lucky dip - from the online paint place I usually use.

40 Euros lighter in the pocket - and - it might not come good. Even the Dutch National Lottery doesn't have as bad odds as that! (Well actually they do - but hey spend a certain amount and they give you a tenner back which the paint shop most certainly does not)


Another subject:

I noticed this =>

Left hand side

Right hand side

I hope there's enough wiggle space to get the gaps between the lights and panel edges a bit more similar (!)

Army Jan 25th, 2018 15:16

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After a few days of cutting compound (less than an actual working day of effort - just spread out 'cos I'm Part Time Pete) the car almost looks like a different vehicle =>

I'm happy with that!

I'm now going to get another vehicle out of the back of the workshop so I can hide the Volvo out of harm's way and set out trestles to hold the panels I'm about to remove.

(It is about to look a whole lot worse than it does now - so prepare yourselves!)

Mr O Jan 25th, 2018 15:22

Wow, that paint looks incredible. What a transformation. Keep up the good work. This is a really interesting build.

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