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Army Jan 25th, 2018 15:32


Originally Posted by Mr O (Post 2361732)
Wow, that paint looks incredible. What a transformation. Keep up the good work. This is a really interesting build.


'Cos I'm not very "Volvo" yet I'm looking for some opinions / advice here =>

If you can help that will be great

Army Jan 27th, 2018 10:54

A repeated post from the colour ID thread I started
Here's a few things I've learned so far =>

The two samples on the left are custom made efforts that for different reasons can't be used (one for a very obvious reason)

Then the third from the left code 70 which is often called red turns out to be an orangey gold!

Code 46 as shown in the pictures on the previous page is a deeper red - almost burgundy

Code 155 signal red is a bright bugger and could very well be the original colour my PV was repainted in but after being left outside for a few years may have changed shade a bit.

I'm being sent another red for testing - I'll add that to the metal scrap later on

SimonJessop Jan 27th, 2018 22:11

Awesome Car, look forward to following your progress.

Army Jan 28th, 2018 16:31

With a little more elbow grease =>
3 Attachment(s)
Started to clean up the bumpers today.

^^^^ It nearly always looks worse than it is!

^^^^ After a bit of hand polishing with old fashioned (automotive) metal polish (Not Brasso household stuff or equivalent - I think it was Autoglym)

There's still quite a rough surface where the rust has pitted the surface. Feels like sandpaper. Not nice.

I'm going to try and reduce that sandpaper effect by using this rust eating stuff =>

(I'm using this because it is easiest to find in Holland. I think Evaporust is similar stuff found elsewhere on the globe)


Please note I could have taken the fake news shot and pretended all was well!

(Classic car selling tactics - in a certain light - squinting of the eyes - once owned by a Nun - only went to church on Sundays etc etc)

Army Jan 29th, 2018 16:26

I forgot to show this in this thread

It might be a future upgrade - not sure just yet.

Army Feb 2nd, 2018 16:54

Well I said it was going to look not so good didn't I?
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Had fun today

(Mainly with pants wiring that really needs a good sort out after I've done some repairs)

As expected there's a bit of trouble =>

I expect to find a hole under that - angle grinder and wire brush at the ready

Both the wings and inner wings came off fairly easily. Nasty mixture of different sized bolts of course. That will be improved in the hopefully not too far future.

With all the front end removed I might as well get the engine out...

Army Feb 2nd, 2018 17:00

Rust damage report
2 Attachment(s)
All in all I'm quite happy with what I have found so far.

There is a bit of rust damage but it isn't utterly dreadful. I'm most concerned about the body rust under the front right hand wing - but there' no point sticking your head in the sand about it...

The front cross member has rusted through on one corner and there's a fair amount of rust on the inside of the tube. It has to be replaced. Whilst I've seen a replacement part for sale I'll probably just go and find a bit of 2 inch tubing and weld the old mounts on that and save some money.

The front panel has a bit of rust on the lower edges in the corners. I reckon I can repair that quite easily. I'll weld in new metal.

The wings also have a few moth eaten edges that also need new metal.

Long live TIG!

Army Feb 5th, 2018 15:30

Today - looking at the front end damage
5 Attachment(s)
Just wazzing it with an angle grinder and wire brush attachment

Someone liked filler somewhat!

For user survival necessity I had to get the hot air gun out and put the angle grinder and wire brush away - the filler started to smoke and went everywhere - nasty plastic dust...

Need to do the top too.

Paint stripper next stage I guess before a final polish off with the sand blaster


On other parts of the car the holes on the RHS lower A post section turned out to be a lot smaller than I was expecting.

I will be welding these holes - I want metal especially on an important part of the car. No filler for hole filling here!

Thing is - this hole's pretty close to the pretty paint (that's not normally under the front wing) - I suspect I'll be stripping more paint than has been done so far because the plastic filler that the whole cars seems to have been dipped in will melt and de-laminate after welding heat...

Army Feb 5th, 2018 15:36

Inner wings
3 Attachment(s)
The inner wings - facing the heat and oil of the engine bay have seen better days =>

Really bad cracks that were holding water behind them

Ive done what I can with the angle grinder and wire brush for now...

...there is a lot of oil contamination on these panels (or it is really strange old fashioned heat proof paint gone wrong) that calls for chemical stripping...

tt82 Feb 5th, 2018 17:15

Thread moved to PV section on request of OP.

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