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Roger88 Jul 5th, 2019 21:06

Volvo 340 B18FT Turbo project for sale
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Hi all,

I have not any pictures taken of recent state of the car but I bought this about nearly 2 years ago as a project with a broken gearbox.

The paintwork is not the best, one of the front wings is a different colour and previous owner I guess painted the rear passenger door black very terribly.

(You could matt black the whole car for a good cheap solution if not too fussed about paint work)

To be honest it was pretty shonked together with the turbo and fuel system setup.

It originally had a standard (I'm pretty sure) supra turbo which is a CT26.
very large turbo and bodged together manifold. (this CT26 turbo will come with the car)

I ended cutting off manifold at flanged and got them machined flat to make a manifold for a more suitable turbo.

engine compression test cold was literally 170psi across all cylinders, give or take 10 or less psi.

I did fit a gearbox with a welded diff to the 340 and refitted a stock propshaft as it had a dodgy Recoprop uprated propshaft which was the culprit im sure for destroying the case on the gearbox. (This car will also come with this dodgy Recoprop)

It also has a oil cooler mounted to front of car with a remote oil filter kit inside the engine bay.

It has a uprated paddle clutch installed aswell.

Springs were cut by previous owner.

Rear half of interior has been stripped with stock front seats still mounted.

It also has a set of banded steel wheels (14 inch if I remember).

To make this car run it will need:

A fuel system as I have removed swirl pot and aftermarket regulator and pumps as this is going to be used with my 940 project.

A exhaust manifold fabricating and a exhaust system fabricating.

Inlet manifold etc will need re-fitting (in boot of car)

It has stock engine management system from the Volvo 480 turbo with a RichMod ECU chip im pretty sure, it is a bit ancient technology so I would personally recommend buying a basic Link ECU and make it more tuneable.

It will obviously need a MOT.

This car has potential and for the price im asking I think its fair as the engines are not the cheapest these days and hard to find.
And also this car comes with bits and bobs to make it worth the price.

Asking price: 600 as I need it gone fast to make space for my 940 project.

These are the pictures from previous owner but I will get some pictures in the next few days.

If interested and want specific pictures of areas of the car just PM me or give me a call.

My phone number is [Admin removed number]

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EDIT: This car is located in Cambridgeshire

Roger88 Aug 7th, 2019 21:43


I need this car gone!, if any interest it will give me more momentum to go to friends yard and take pictures as it stands today.

I can also do a compression test to verify the exact numbers as I can guarantee they are good numbers.



Roger88 Aug 17th, 2019 19:19




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