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Army Aug 9th, 2019 21:51


Originally Posted by Salop Farmer (Post 2539336)
Hi Army hope your move went well. I expect,like me,others are missing your posts on the rebuild of your 544! Am hoping you are settled in now and have workshop premises to continue your Volvo project and will be sharing your photos and very interesting posts with us all.

Sorry for the delay

Bit of an update =>

The move went well but I've ended up with a several time consuming "situations" that I need to address before I get back to some happy Volvo-ing

The plan at the moment is to build a large two car + carport (probably be about 6 and a bit meters wide and 7 meters deep) - knock down an existing (far too small) leaning wooden garage - see if I have enough cash for a nice oak timber frame and wattle and daub construction (this would be ideal - if not I'll have to adjust my wish list) and build all that before the winter...

...whilst I start everything with a strong element of hope I get feeling that I won't get the new garage / workshop done before the winter. The carport should get done even though I need to dig out three large tree stumps and raise a fair amount of the ground by about a meter.

Lots of humping and dumping to be done before I get myself organised again.

I can only really post up pictures of mud and building at the moment which I guess isn't going to be particularly welcome on a car forum (!)

arcturus Aug 10th, 2019 09:21

Welcome back.

adarvasi Aug 13th, 2019 00:08

Glad to hear back from you, missing the updates! cheers

SaabPilot Aug 13th, 2019 22:17

Keep it up. Good to see you here again.

I for one wouldn't mind a bit of car port update now and then, but then I'm building one myself before the Land Rover gets some TLC again.


c1800 Aug 14th, 2019 05:37

“I can only really post up pictures of mud and building at the moment which I guess isn't going to be particularly welcome on a car forum (!)”

Well... I’d be interested, but yes, many probably wouldn’t, but they’re not obligated to read about it are they?

We’re not wasting trees here, it’s only electrons.....

Army Aug 17th, 2019 16:43

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Well to give you all an idea of what's ahead for me here's a picture of the back garden before I started clearing =>

Under the majority of the undergrowth in the picture you have to go down a bit before you hit the soil (!)

The ground level where I want to put the carport is almost a meter down...

...please excuse the Volvo content delay - it will probably be some time before the real work begins again.

arcturus Aug 17th, 2019 17:48

Rent a mini digger for the day

Army Aug 17th, 2019 22:18


Originally Posted by arcturus (Post 2545599)
Rent a mini digger for the day

Can't afford it

Also the real problem is getting rid of / processing the stuff you are cutting. The cost of throwing stuff away in Holland is even more ridiculous than renting equipment. To make sure there's enough Volvo money at the end of the project (which is obviously more important than sorting out a garden!) I've had to be inventive. I've got a wood chipping machine and I plan to compost - to compost a lot...

arcturus Aug 18th, 2019 09:08

Try having a garden/clearing party,free beer,food etc with help for clearing the space. Sort of like crowd funding. Rope in all your friends

Army Sep 2nd, 2019 08:44

Bit of a big thorn in my side
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More delays expected due to "leaves on the line"

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