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Laird Scooby May 6th, 2021 19:47


Originally Posted by Challo (Post 2734798)
Sorry to hijack the thread, but thought I would ask the question on here.

The general consensus is 40mm lowering springs, but does anyone run the lowering springs from Classic Swede? Seems to have a few more options 50mm, 60/40mm, 70mm which I suspect is probably too low on a 740 daily?

Just thinking about future options.

Most people go for the -40mm option Chris as that is a good compromise between ride comfort and a harsh ride. The 7/9xx is quite a high vehicle to start with but has a very large suspension travel to help soak up the bumps. Obviously lowering it, you lose some of this travel. It also gives enough clearance for daily use.

Some people have gone as low as -70mm and then changed to -40mm as it was too low. Others have stuck with it and love it.

All depends what you're looking for really and whether you're preapred to do other work such as beefing up the cushions in your seats.

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