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Slackey Nov 12th, 2018 20:14

C70 Front Wishbone Ball Joint Size
I am looking to replace the front wishbones on my 2010 2.0D C70.
I have some heavy juddering under braking and the front end generally feels a bit ‘scatty’. I am pretty confident it’s the wishbone bushes, but rather than just change the bushes I thought I would do the whole wishbone and then refurb the old ones on the bench with poly bushes when I get the time (plan would be to poly bush the whole car, but that iscost prohibitive right now).

There seems to be two ball joint sizes, 18mm and 21mm, I can find plenty of info relating to S40/V50 chassis numbers and the relevant sizes, but nothing about the C70.

I have an inkling that the C70 is only 21mm but I could be wrong, is somebody able to confirm for me please?

I did put my reg in a couple of motorfactor sites but have had conflicting results.

Cheers in advance

iantowil Nov 13th, 2018 00:18

My 2008 C70 D5 is 21mm. Couldn't get a ball joint splitter that was big enough anywhere locally, so ended up getting off ebay.

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