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fifevolvo66 Nov 30th, 2019 22:51

Dash extension fitting
Hi i recently got a pair of dash extensions and am planning on fitting them to the doors of a 1966 volvo amazon and wondering if anyone else has fitted these before and have tips for this

Derek UK Dec 1st, 2019 01:10

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To get the extensions to merge with the dash correctly you have to use the early dash pad the came with them. You can fit them to your doors and use the later dash pad but the gap between them will be quite big. An angled slot. This pic should give you the idea. It shows both the early and late dash pads along with the door pieces. Offer up the door pieces against the pad you have on your car to see the problem. You could make a plastic insert to fill the gap if you think it's worth it.

northNH Dec 2nd, 2019 02:11

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62 with original dash...

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