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John Davies Jun 15th, 2013 00:05

760/960 steering column replacement (no airbag)
I needed to replace my ignition barrel, and decided in the end to replace the entire column - it is in fact easier especially on 960's - they made them very hard indeed to get off and it is a challenge to change just the lock without damage. I did find articles which suggested the barrel could be changed by drilling out shear-headed bolts holding the mechanism together, but my own barrel is in a one piece casting, so I think this is relevant to 740's only.

However, I could not find anything relevant on UK 760/early 960 steering column replacement on the net and my Haynes 740/760 manual only covers the 740 -which is a lot simpler.

So here's how I did it - and please note my models are EARLY and have no AIRBAG. Thankfully! With an airbag you could be at risk of injury.

Gently remove horn push (pulls off from top), and steering wheel, tilt lever - mine was held on by 3mm allen key from underneath, remove shrouds - held on by four screws, early ones are posidrive, later ones are torx.

Then switches - torx for more recent ones - unclip from wires, also horn wire. Ignition switch is on barrel end held on by two screws covered in thread sealer which may need scraping off first before undoing. Release clamps at top and bottom of intermediate shaft to rack, and remove that section of shaft - this might mean spreading the joints slightly with a screwdriver. Back inside, remove the kick panel. The column has a small steel cover plate at the top end held in by two screws which needs removing, and a plastic cover plate at the base by the brake pedal.

The main support to the column is four very long bolts up into the dash. Once these are removed, pull the column back into the passenger compartment to disengage the plastic bearer at the bottom of the column by the builkhead and it should be in your hands.

When installing the new column bear in mind that it you hit it on the nose it will collapse and you will need another! If the bottom mount by the bulkhead needs a tap with a hammer to get it to seat then hit it low down right by the mount for this reason - not at the top of the column.

Otherwise, refitting is the opposite to disassembly.

MODERATOR - can we add this to technical topics or just make it a sticky?

John Davies

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