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I-S Aug 30th, 2014 16:04

How to: Replace Sunroof Seal
Volvo seem to use a single sunroof for many models - C30, S40 II, V50, S60 II, V70 III, XC70 III and S80 II. Here's how to replace the seal.

1 sunroof seal (p/n 31218248)
20 minutes
High-tech seal seating tool (see below)

Our car has had a bit of flutter/whistle from the sunroof seal for a while now. The cause seems to be fairly common, based on a little reading around the net:

The seal is split at the back edge, and the gap is big enough for air and rain to leak through - the rain is all dealt with by the internal drip tray/drain, but the noise was annoying with its tendency to come and go.

So, after an attempt to fix it up which illustrated to me how easy it actually would be just to replace, I ordered the new seal, part no 31218248. It's not cheap in the 90-100 region!

It's worth noting that the split is designed into this seal, as you can see from this shot of the new seal:

The split is into the outer foam rubber part, with the solid rubber anchor section joined. On ours, the anchor section had split, so the gap grew.

I treated the new seal with a coat of gummi pflege before fitting.

There's no adhesives, no nothing. Just pull the old seal out. Be aware that the seal itself may be full of water, which will pour out of the ends once they're pointed downwards. Usually into your interior.

Work your way around. It will be tight at the front edge, and you'll want to swap from tilt to slide back to get at the front edge better.

Once you have the old seal out, go around and clean the channel on the sunroof that the seal sits in, and also go around the metal of the roof that the seal sits against.

Refitting is the reverse of removal. Just push the new seal in and work your way around. I started at the back edge with the split/join section, but given how the slack ends up, you could just as well start from the front.

Again, you'll need to swap a few times between tilt/slide, and be careful about trapping unseated seal as you go.

The front corners, however, are impossible to get at with your fingers, and you'll end up with this:

At this point you will need an ultra-high-tech seal seating device:

Amazing how having the right tool for the job solves such problems:

Worth noting that on ours, the offside (driver's side in UK, passenger side in US/Europe) was a little tighter and trickier, but it did go in.

End result, the split section is tight:

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