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wagonwheels May 4th, 2021 19:04

Part number help
As stated, I have a 1999 v70 2.5d (15.8)
I'm needing a part number for a 3bar map sensor for it. The standard one is a 2.5bar I believe. As per Martins guides to tuning these things I'm lead to believe that changing the sensor will increase boost slightly throughout the rev range.


100K+ May 13th, 2021 09:21

parts no longer available ????
Yesterday I spent time trying to look up a part number on VIDA using the info available. A search for "map" produced several hits but surprisingly none in the parts section. The area of the best hit was section 284.
When I tried to look at the parts for that and nearby sections the parts diagrams were fairly simple ( at least in relation to my 2014 D5) Then I noticed some parts has greyed out boxes attached to them. I then remembered what a local parts manager said to me about parts becoming "redundant" so to speak.
You are looking for a part +20yrs old and when VIDA 2014D was issued ( my vida flavour) this part may not have been available even then. You may have your own copy of Vida and already been through this exercise, but do you have the part number for the standard bit your after and see if the options list the bit your after? or if you wish send details to me and I can check it out for you.
I still owe you big time for setting me straight with my AWD R.


wagonwheels May 13th, 2021 20:56

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Good to hear from you Bob. I'm not even sure if it is a volvo part to be honest. I know alot of part were crossed with the audi lump at that age but I still can find the right part number sadly. Never mind... manual boost controller it it then 👍
It's only for a daily work hack anyway ....I'm just getting carried away with it as usual.
I seem to have regressed and keep buying old volvos 😄


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