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Porterpainter Jun 17th, 2018 20:53

Links to guide for changing brake pads/discs?
Hi All,

I want to replace the brake pads all around on my 2015 V40 D3.

Iíve had a search around and canít seem to find any Ďhow toí guides or videos. Can anyone please point me in the direction if they know of a link, or to that if a different car/model with the same brakes?


Petey80 Jun 18th, 2018 15:21

Fronts are the easiest;

Jacked up and on axle stands
Wheel off
Caliper guide bolts out
Caliper off and old pads out
Push piston back in by hand or G clamp
Fit new pads
Put back together
Pump the brakes

Rears are different.

Same way to start but the pistons need to be wound back in rather than pushed so you'll need a caliper rewind tool.

volvoid Jun 18th, 2018 18:03

Youve spent serious wedge on a 3-year old car, get a garage to do it.
At least, get someone to "help" you, show you how.
I cant help but think that if you need to ask Qs like this then perhaps you shouldnt be tinkering without supervision.

Charles Darwin is generally ignored these days in favour of anything-goes political correctness, but natural selection still works a treat. Play with jacks and brakes at your peril.

pookie Jun 18th, 2018 18:47

I'm a motor engineer and it genuinely terrifies me when people say this. If you want to work on safety systems and you don't know how, THEN DONT.



Porterpainter Jun 18th, 2018 22:09

Thanks for the comments (and the assumptions).

Iím perfectly competent home mechanic and brake pads are a pretty straight forward job for me. However I like to see what Iím doing before I get the wheels off (as itíll be the first time with the Volvo), and make sure I have all the correct tools to hand.

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