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Ben '71 1200 Dec 7th, 2017 14:02

Stereo amplifier
I have a 1988 740 with a Blaunpunkt Toronto SQR 48 head unit. I am only getting sound from the front speakers, and even then only at an audible level from one of them. It is my intention to replace the head unit but despite my crawling around under the dash I have been unable to locate the external amplifier. The head unit will be replaced anyway, but I want to at least check the wiring first.

There are remnants of a car phone installation that used its own speaker, and something that looked a bit like an old computer vga connector not attached to anything that I presume is related to the phone rather than the stereo but I cannot see an amp. Does it even have one? Am I looking in the wrong place?

bob12 Dec 7th, 2017 20:53

Unfortunately it's clear your original Volvo installation has been 'tampered with' so who knows what you now have wiringwise!! There would have been a simple solution originally when the Blaupunkt head unit was installed using an after market 'Autoleads' wiring adapter set.

The original Volvo head unit (CR...?) had an external amplifier situated under the dash above the driver' right side knee (UK models!). In those days Head units didn't have amps built in!! Remove lower trim and you will see an aluminum finned 'thing' (about 5 x 3 inches) attached by 2 bolts to the strength dash strut.

Originally the Volvo head unit only fed (if fitted) speakers on the dash. The door were fed from the amp with the amp being fed (L&R) from a separate fly wire from the back of head unit to the amp. Wiring then went to all doors from the amp.

I have a 1990 745 originally fitted with a CR-702 with a new head unit that runs blue tooth/hands free phone/usb/sd etc (too much for me to cope with!!) .. all with only an Autoleads PC2-19-4 stereo harness with amp bypass to update the wiring to ISO standard.

Best of luck .. Bob

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