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Mike38uk Mar 12th, 2018 10:55

Parking Sensors Fitters
Parking sensors Fitters

Iím absolutely new to this so I apologise if I have done something in error and if my questions has been asked before. Also I hope that this is the correct sub forum, I have a V40 R Design Lux D2 auto.

My V40 doesnít have parking sensors which I have been used to in my previous cars. Although they are not essential I find that they do limit a few minor bumps.
Iíve seen adverts for companies who supply and fit them at oneís premises, for about £275.
Can anyone comment on and/or recommend?

mattievrs Mar 12th, 2018 11:37

Hey, sort of the right area but the general area below would yield more view and answers.

You can go to volvo and get charged a small fortune for the volvo kit, or you can go down the route you suggested. Personally, you can get the kits off eBay for £20 max with good instructions and they will come in the cars colour if you buy the right ones. Easy to fit as well.

I expect youíd get some fitted at

Which is based in Leicester as I believe you are?

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