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outnumbered Oct 27th, 2020 23:45

Buccaneer Bermuda
After 45 years of caravaning we have purchased our first New van. Looking forward to collection on the 18th Nov. A bit apprehensive as it has a bit more tech than our old one , will use the Mobile to take some vids , will let you no how it goes

BWT Oct 28th, 2020 12:30

Lovely van go ahead and enjoy I wish lots of happy nights in it.


Discombobulated Oct 31st, 2020 21:51

Iíve just looked online and they look like a stunning caravan. We bought our first caravan last year, a 2005 Buccaneer and are very impressed for a 15 year old caravan. If yours is as well built Iím sure youíll be very happy with it. Hope you enjoy it :)
Cheers, Luke

outnumbered Nov 3rd, 2020 08:57

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Handover went well and the part x price was honoured, so hopefully this will be our last big purchase

37 RUBY Nov 3rd, 2020 12:42

Very nice indeed. :thumbs_up:

I bet you can't wait to get out in it?

S60D5-185 Nov 3rd, 2020 14:25

Very nice Mike. Enjoy it as soon as you can. 👍

BWT Nov 3rd, 2020 17:04

Thats a braw looking van hope you get some use out of it before the end of the year go and enjoy it.


outnumbered Nov 3rd, 2020 19:43

Thanks for the comments, we where booked to go to Seahouses today but no go . We can wait.

Dash300 Nov 4th, 2020 14:38


Originally Posted by outnumbered (Post 2678463)
Thanks for the comments, we where booked to go to Seahouses today but no go . We can wait.

Are you sure it's big enough?:tounge_smile:

Mike A Nov 5th, 2020 18:05

Mike..excellent choice...we have had 2 buccaneers over the last 45 years ...both were the best vans to son is still using the buccaneer caravel which is now 35 years old and in good condition.
We have been looking at the same caravan you have purchased and would be really interested when you get the opportunity to tow how your volvo xc90 proforms. We tow our bailey with our 2005 xc90 returned from Scotland covering 1500 miles towing with ease.
Enjoy your trip to Seahouses really is a nice area.

Regards Mike

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