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green van man Sep 18th, 2020 15:43


Originally Posted by biggbn (Post 2665664)
Whereas I have great faith in the youth of today and feel it is their elders who are letting them down. Look at the houses of Parliament, their elders and betters squabbling like schoolchildren. If there is an erosion of public morals where are the young learning it? Look no further than their generally morally frivolous elders. I have faith in people. I love the diversity of views, cultures, religions living side by side and sharing each others cultures, regardless what the media would have you believe. I leave my house, walk five minutes and am in beautiful untouched forest. I want to promote optimism, not negativity, particularly to the younger generations. So many older people are doom mongers and faithless curmudgeons

Agreed George, but be fair please. Life experience has kicked the optimism out of so many elder folk. Not saying that's an excuse but it is a reason for their negativity..

As for the houses of parliament. How many MPs did a manual job or indeed any job before becoming an MP? My point is, if you have no experience of the common man, then you have no idea what he needs or wants. 650 MPs, university gradiate, internship, MP is now the route whereas in the past it was a job in business or industry which set firm foundations. Now it's middle class soy boys running the country. Any wonder the working man gives up?

I helped an ATC group study for their ameture radio exam, to a body they were polite, hard working and interested. Aged 11 through to 13 ish, but we're they representative of that age group? I don't know. They were the type to join organised groups, they chose ATC but it could of been scouts, sea cadets or any of the other groups. What about the type who do not want to join these sort of groups. Even at that age I was an individual, preffering to go off camping with a couple of mates rather than a scout group or some sutch, can kids even do that these days.

I have faith in some of the youngsters, at least untill the system corrupts them.


skgill Sep 29th, 2020 12:38

I have always had a "If you don't ask you don't get" mindset

Middle of August I went to see an approved used 19 plate Volvo XC60 at a Volvo dealer close to where I live. I had seen the exact same spec XC60 on a 69 plate 40 miles away which was listed 1k cheaper online (showed the sales rep the car ad) so I tried to use that to my advantage but the local dealer was only willing to knock 300 off the price so I walked. As soon as I left I phoned the Volvo dealer 40miles away, reserved the car and traveled to that Volvo dealership the next day. Not only did I manage to negotiate a further price reduction I also got a full tank, the next service (due in October) and a new set of my private number plates included in the deal. It took the sales rep two visits to "go speak to the manager" but I stuck to what I was happy with and made it clear that I was willing to walk and that I didn't want a phone call on my journey home or in a few days time saying we will do the deal.

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