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JPippin Apr 15th, 2018 22:51

Clock/rev counter/instrument panel light problem
Hi all,

Slightly strange problem...

SORNd 1990 240 GL over the winter, battery went flat and died - wouldn't hold charge so I've checked and replaced it. Ever since the clock has either worked intermittently or slowed (not sure which). Now, when swapping out the radio I've noticed the rev counter now only works if the instrument panel dimmer is set to zero, and the instrument panel light doesn't work at all.

Fuses seem fine, any ideas what might have happened??

Cheers in advance,


Clifford Pope Apr 17th, 2018 08:21

The most common cause of weird electrical function is a poor earth somewhere, causing components to interact erratically. Or, if something has been changed, that you have inadvertently dislodged a connection or wobbled something that previously had a dodgy connection.

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