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bloggs850 Oct 6th, 2020 11:02

Volvo 440
Hello Is anyone interested in a Volvo 440 M359 PJO for repair or parts. Otherwise, sadly, I will have to sell to Scrapyard. Location is just outside Ashford Kent. Has water leak so cannot be driven far. Thanks

dcw Oct 6th, 2020 19:07

You say in your other post it's got a coolant leak from one of the rubber pipes - is that not (at least temporarily) repairable? Further, I know scrapyard finds of these cars are getting rarer but they still happen - couple in Lakes I believe - so couldn't the piece of pipe in question just be replaced?

You're a long way away from me and I shouldn't even be thinking about it - but is the leak the only reason for parting with the car or does it have other issues?

All the best


bloggs850 Oct 7th, 2020 06:54

Hello. Thanks for your comment. Sadly I believe that the system is over pressurising & think the Head Gasket may be going.

phil_r Oct 10th, 2020 20:37

coolant leak
the coolant leak on my 440 was a perished hose clip on the bottom hose into the rad..... easily fixed.

bloggs850 Oct 11th, 2020 15:11

Volvo 440
Thank you for the suggestion. Sadly I have repaired the pipe leak & whilst the car drives as well as ever it has slightly turned the indicator dye in an exhaust gas test on the cooling system reservoir. So unless someone wants to take a chance it will be scrapped.

dcw Oct 11th, 2020 19:17

That's a shame but I understand your position.

If we were a bit closer I'd think about taking it off your hands, if only for parts, but sadly it doesn't sound as if it's up to a 250-plus mile journey!


pgapga88 Oct 13th, 2020 10:25

Interior Hazard Switch
Hi there,
I don't suppose you would part with just the interior hazard switch, which I do believe come in a unit with the seat belt sensor, my m plate failed its mot on just that annoyingly, no worries if not, thanks

bloggs850 Oct 13th, 2020 13:08

Volvo 440
Thanks for interest. I am waiting for confirmation from a Specialist Volvo Breaker who may take it off my hands for parts. However, I he would suspect he would prefer it as complete as possible.

If anyone would like to offer 175 & take it away complete (via a Trailer). There are other parts I have a 76k gearbox for it (its got a B20F Engine).

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