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happybunny50 Aug 28th, 2021 18:40

Lpg cng
Thanks for all this information. I currently have a lpg bifuel which immediately dies when i switch to LPG, (it does not revert to petrol).
Apparently when in petrol the car has 12 volts but when I switch over it only gets 8 volts.

CNGBiFuel Oct 2nd, 2021 17:34


Thanks for all this information...
I switch over it only gets 8 volts.
That's nice to know. This is an information thread, if that is apparent to you, and it is, why would you attempt to mess-up the thread for all?

Now we've to bother the admin to delete this post.

Andrewrennard Oct 9th, 2021 22:20

Dear forum members I am reaching out to you knowledgeable fellows .I am the owner of a 2005 volvo s60 bi fuel CNG model I have relocated my gas distributor and had the stepper motor refurbished. My dilemma is I sent the old step motor away with the piston attached. When I received the refurbished step motor back the piston was with it but not attached how do I connect the piston to the arm of the stepper motor ..???

Russki Dec 23rd, 2021 14:20

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Haven't been here for a while. I can share some documentation about Koltec system fitted to Volvos. It is a pretty good guide. The only trick is that its is in russian. If you can't read Russian please use Google translate. Hope it helps

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