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DanH Mar 22nd, 2021 09:28

XC40 (Manual) Wanted
Hi all

Myself and my wife looking to get a used Volvo for our next car - if I get my way, a V60 but if she gets hers then it's an XC40. Anyone considering selling or coming to the end of a PCP please let me know!

Needs to be a manual - D3 preferred but we'd consider a T3. Ideally R-design and keen to have winter pack if possible. Let me know if you're looking to sell! Based on North Manchester but in no rush - after lockdown lifts is fine with us.


DanH Mar 22nd, 2021 12:18

Should mention we've got a budget of up to 20k for the right car. Happy to pay Autotrader's suggested private sale price.

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