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Rufe Jul 13th, 2012 10:29

From our FAQ's:

Yes we do, and at no cost. We have supplied many radio codes free of charge to Volvo forum users over the years but there are some things we have to point out:

[1] We can only supply radio codes for UK vehicles.

[2] We only supply radio codes to people who email us, not over the phone. Please email and ignore the auto-reply you may receive.

[3] Please include your registration number and VIN number.

[4] If the code supplied does not work then it is likely that your radio has been replaced at some point in the past. This is not a problem but if this occurs please then take the radio out to find the following information (sometimes these codes may not be on a sticker, but etched into the metal body of the radio):
-Model Number: eg: SC-801
-Serial Number: eg: VO12345A1234567B, OR: M12345678
-Part Number: eg: 3533711

[5] If this second code does not work then it is likely the radio has been re-coded at some point and no Volvo dealer will be able to help, but this is very rare.

[6] Remember that some other Volvo dealers do charge for this service (some upwards of 30 per code) and we offer this service as an extension of the discounted parts supply scheme through the Volvo forums, and as a thank you for the continued support we receive from the forum members.

[7] We reserve the right to NOT supply a radio code if we so choose, at our discretion.

Rufe Jul 13th, 2012 10:36


Originally Posted by foxcoverteddy (Post 1206011)
hi, is there an age limit on spares from the Volvo dealer in the Valley? I can almost see you when stopping at our friend who lives on the Graig Road.
Great show of Volvo's, worth coming on Stena.
Have a 65 Amazon, take care and to all "There is a welcome when you come home to Wales.

Hi, there is a Graig Road in Pontardawe, which is not too far from us, only a few miles away, you are right you could almost see us from there lol.

Unfortunately we can't help you with classic parts, we simply do not have any information about those vehicles at all.

Being an owner of an Amazon I guess that you possibly know about the GCP site, which is the Genuine Classic Parts side of Volvo. If not then a very handy link for you will be:

They can supply genuine classic parts to you direct from Sweden but we can not help you out with prices when buying from there as we do not get any extra savings off the prices that you would pay.

All the very best, and I hope you enjoy it here in Wales when you are down this way again.

Simon :)

Andy Northface Jul 14th, 2012 15:41

I ordered new O-rings for the sump of my 850. I have just fitted them and were exactly what was required for the job. Brilliant service,especially when I didn't know how many was needed. I gave the reg. number and everything was spot on.:thumbs_up:

sheree850r Jul 17th, 2012 23:34

Thanks Rufe
I would like to thank Rufe for the pcv kits I received today (17th July) for my T5 and my sons T5R
First class service all round
Thanks again

Rufe Aug 3rd, 2012 10:36

Delivery issues this week.

I am sorry to have to do this but I need to make an open apology to any of our customers who have been let down this week due to YODEL delivery network.

It really is unbelievable that a company can be run so badly and rest assured we will not be using them any longer. I have only used them for this one week as we were let down a few times recently by City Link, who up until very recently have actually been very good in fairness.

However, after a blazing face to face argument with the local depot manager when I called there last week after they had let me down for what had to be the last time I spoke to our contact at the 3rd party courier service agency we use who advised me to instead use YODEL. I now wish I had never heard even their name in all honesty. They have failed to collect, failed to deliver, failed to take any responsibility at all and told one customer who got in touch that it was OUR fault they did not deliver the parcel on the correct day, where clearly it was their fault. There have been no apology's or explanations given to us from Yodel at all.

To be quite open here this has been the most stressful 7 or 8 days I have had here in the 13 years I have worked for FRF Volvo. Simple as that. Yodel could have potentially ruined our very good mail order service reputation.

Fortunately for us though, our customers who I have been able to speak to have all been great, very understanding about it all. From speaking to those who have been affected I am getting all sorts of scare stories from their own experiences with Yodel. I am sorry if I have not had chance to speak to everyone affected, but I am being assured that any outstanding orders from the past few days are going to be delivered today (Friday). Two people have already called to say Yodel have been today, so it is looking promising at least.

Where do we go from here....

The good news is that I have now almost finalised a deal with Interlink Express and our new account manager is calling here for a meeting with me today at which point I will be crossing my fingers that these will be able to provide the right service to our customers. Their services seem to be very good and I can keep the price structure we have set up it seems, but with the added bonus of 1 hour delivery time slots for our customers, (yet to see if this works, but it sounds promising!)

I know if you search online for ANY courier company to read about them you will see very negative reviews, it seems there is no such thing as a perfect courier company, not for the prices we are looking at (we are able to ship up to 20Kgs for 10.00, or 15 for 30Kgs, next day, but even those paying a lot more seem to get let down on occasion). However I do have faith that Interlink will be able to prove to us that they can deliver.

So I have to apologise for using Yodel for this week, a big mistake on my part it seems, but it was done purely as a positive step away from City Link who I could not use any more after letting some customers down.

Thank you for reading this, and I really am genuinely sorry for any inconvenience that may have been caused.


harveys Aug 3rd, 2012 18:47

Hi I have used various delivery company's and as you say city link have been very good,but all it takes is a number of bad drivers which can cause a lot of problems.
I have used your parts service and found it spot on every time I have used it.
I have had massive problem with DPD but again it's not the firm it self but there driver on my round area,62 days to get some parts with them what can I say.

cumbrianmale Aug 3rd, 2012 20:53

Yodel = Home Delivery Network Limited (HDNL) who had such a bad reputation they rebranded or did a pheonix and were resurrected. If you look on Yodels website you will see they recruit a man with a van on a Self Employed basis so subcontracted. Not good for providing a consistant product.

Dan J Aug 3rd, 2012 21:56

Simon - I'm one of those you spoke with today and I very much appreciated your call to update me. It's frustrating for all of us when you can't get parts picked up and we don't get them delivered but it's one of those things and you're doing all you can trying to find a reliable courier. You guys give great service at brilliant prices and the cost to us as customers (for anyone who doesn't live in the area) is having to wait a little while for things to show up. Fine, if you carried on using Yodel despite feedback then I could understand people deciding to go elsewhere but as it stands I don't think any reasonable customer could hold the current situation against you or FRF. Let's hope Interlink Express (literally in my case) deliver the goods.

Incidentally I find all of the delivery methods where full track and trace isn't deployed are very poor - Yodel, DHL Home etc. Many of whom as cumbrianmale points out simply subcontract out to anyone with a van. The firms who run their own staff and vans and use track and trace (so Citylink, Interlink Express, Royal Mail and Parcelforce) I've tended to find much better. But they all have their faults!

timpy Aug 3rd, 2012 22:18

Hi Simon, my stuff arrived safely in Quedgeley today, no problem. I very much appreciate the telephone call which one of our guys (the MD in fact) took from FRF saying the stuff had failed to be collected by the couriers, which was the sort of level of service and feedback that we can only usually dream about from our normal suppliers.

Thanks again, much appreciated.


foxcoverteddy Aug 3rd, 2012 23:29

Hi Simon, no Graig Road is Morriston, well most of it has subsided, anyway, make you smile. We have no post codes, the roads out where we live have no names some have acquired numbers, but they do not run in sequence
the houses are not numbered, some have names Some do not.
Our postal address is at least five miles from where it should be, our telephone number is on a completely different exchange and our local chuirch is in another parish.
We had a flood and even the fire brigade had a problem finding the house, amusing to see the flashing lights go speeding past one way and then going back in the opposite direction.
Post too large for the letter box is left in the shed, the letter box is prone to leak and one can get soggy letter's.
It is just a magical place, an Island of dreams.
Take care

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