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ASt85 Jul 6th, 2016 18:55


Originally Posted by BrianMorrison (Post 2135401)
I have just joined the forum this morning.

I have very recently bought a used 2006 V70 estate which needs a new battery, obviously the radio code number will be lost when the battery is disconnected.
The Volvo dealership in Preston wasn't a bit of use when I asked them for help, stating that the car radio wasn't 'on file'.

Having read about how helpful FRF Motors Swansea are on the same subject I gave them a call only to be told that I would need to bring the car in to them along with the ownership papers etc. I explained that I lived in Lancashire and so that was really out of the question.
This leaves me a bit baffled as to how other people in the forum could acquire a radio code via a phone call but I can't.

Hi Brian Morrison.....You don't need a code :thumbs_up:
the radio is coded to the vehicle so it doesn't matter if the battery is disconnected - it'll work when it powers back up.

BrianMorrison Jul 9th, 2016 13:28

Many thanks ASt85

James_N Jul 11th, 2016 14:17

I have just placed another order through FRF, and as usual highly helpful service and a great price.

Many Thanks :)

thefamilyman Jul 11th, 2016 19:43

Ship wheels to Australia?
I realise we're meant to phone. However I'm in Australia, keep odd hours, so the business seems to be shut when I'm awake, and vice-versa. There's also no email address listed on their site - and - Rufe's PM box is full! All of which makes it difficult for me to phone, LOL.

So before I even try to find a way around that, I'd just like to know if FRF would ship wheels to Australia? Because if not, there's not much point me pursuing it further.

Basically, thanks to Brexit, I've noticed some things are now cheaper to get from the UK. It made me wonder if I could the wheels I'm after cheaper too.

(I'd like to price 5x 'Galaxy' wheels - part #: 6820001-3, and 2x wheel nut kits - part #: 6826820010-3, shipped to Australia via the cheapest freight method.)

Anyway, sorry for cluttering up the thread - I assume someone can delete it if need be - thanks for reading.

silverback02 Sep 4th, 2016 12:47

Hi there,

I'm looking for a price plz for a,
2004 C70 2.4T GT auto.

Coolant Header tank and Coolant Level Sensor.

Posted to BT197SS.


ASt85 Sep 4th, 2016 13:14


Originally Posted by silverback02 (Post 2162874)
Hi there,

I'm looking for a price plz for a,
2004 C70 2.4T GT auto.

Coolant Header tank and Coolant Level Sensor.

Posted to BT197SS.


Hi joe,
You would probably do better to phone FRF directly as it isn't always picked up from the thread - numbers are shown below

<<< FOR ALL ENQUIRIES PHONE: 01792 790066 / 01792 784272 >>>
*(weekdays 9am to 5pm) *

silverback02 Sep 5th, 2016 17:11

Ordered over phone as suggested.

Sasha94 Oct 27th, 2016 11:28

Received my service kit from FRF on Tuesday after ordering on Monday. Very happy and the discount was worth it :) Thanks guys

brent Nov 2nd, 2016 12:33

I've just ordered some parts over the phone for my v40, the service is fantastic! thanks Simon!

stephend Nov 2nd, 2016 18:16

Ordered a new fuel pump relay for my 740 on Monday, arrived today. First-rate, friendly service from FRF as always. :thumbs_up:

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